Monday, 17 February 2014

I've Lost That Writing Feeling

When I thought about what I wanted to write about, I came to the conclusion that generally I write out my feelings on here sometimes. One thing I'm definitely not feeling much of these days is a want to write thanks to this stuff with my so called publisher. They've pushed back the release date so much and now aren't even bothering to give me an estimate. When I asked them for a reason for the delay their answer was short and not really relevant. "Our next batch of releases will be out soon!" or something like that was the reply.

My lack of wanting to write has also been evident in my writing blog. Even though I've definitely got the updates to post, I've not actually posted an update in a few weeks now I think. I barely even want to look at Immortal Space, much less write in it. I've had a very very rough past few weeks too to boot. I've not been sleeping anywhere near as much as I should and I can't remember the last time I felt healthy. Oddly enough though my oral hygiene is looking good. I say "oddly enough" because typically oral hygiene is one of the first things to go when a person enters a state of depression. I'm not exactly depressed or anything, just unmotivated.

I had myself a whole lot of hope about these things, about the publishing deal definitely, and now it seems to have just fluttered away. I originally planned to still write Immortal Space no matter what; submit it to another publisher if I had to. I guess I'm not feeling that much either.

Sucks to be my creativity right now I guess.


  1. Nooo... ):
    That doesn't sound like the greatest of news, but there's still a chance your publisher's just fucking with you and will end up coming through, right? Come on Mark, you deserve the title "Writer", but continue to work on it nonetheless. Hell, start up a side project if you need to, those may help recovering some of your lost motivation.

  2. Oral hygiene is usually the first to go? I thought it was not wearing trousers? Which is why they don 't let me in the fruits and vegetables section at Stop N Shop. Good to know, though. If I just let my teeth go, I can fondle the melons again. Although they'll probably get cranky about that, too.

  3. so what is it that has knocked you off your horse?

    figure that out and you will find your way through it.
    disappointment is hard, but...

  4. Well hopefully the pushing back of the release date is just a temporary setback and you will have a definitive release date soon.

  5. If you don't mind us asking, what is the name of this publisher? Have you googled them to see if anyone else has complained about this type of mistreatment, or is this just maybe a one-off, one time thing that's excusable under the circumstances?

  6. I think you're just burning out. Take a few days off, do something different, and then come back to it.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your publisher and your health. I hope it all passes soon for you, Mark.

  8. I have learned that life is pretty much just one humiliating kick in the crotch after the next. If life was easy, then everyone would be rich and famous right? I just keep going. Try to stay positive and avoid getting down if ya can. You are smart enough, that if you keep trying you will eventually succeed. Just don't keep doing the same thing over that doesn't work. if something is not working try something else.


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