Friday, 14 February 2014

A Sorta Non-Valentines Day Post

Well it is Valentine's Day once again, the day when the V and the D come together. Anyone else ever find it funny that the acronym for Valentine's Day is V.D, which is the same as Venereal Disease? Anyway I'm mostly just using V.D (Valentines and not Venereal) to set up a post, rather than have it be all about it. I'm sure you're probably going to be pretty sick of V.D posts. I on the other hand just have a bit of love advice out there. That's right folks, I can actually be considered an expert on love. The same way the Pope can be considered an expert on sex.

Ya see, there was a time when I would tell myself, of my partner, "I trust you, just not everyone else." Which basically means "I don't think you'll cheat but I know everyone is going to hit on you" and it also has the hidden message of "deep down I'm slightly worried flattery will get them somewhere." That right there shows that you DON'T trust your partner. I had a friend who worked as a waitress in a bar and she told me that guys hit on her all the time and that one time, some guy actually offered to do her in the back of his pickup truck that was parked outside. She flatly refused them because she was in a relationship at the time. Normal people suck, there's no doubt about that, but your partner isn't about to up and cheat on you because they do. If you really trust your partner, then your trust of everyone else doesn't matter. No matter what, said partner isn't going to do anything.

So this Valentines Day, and every other day thereafter, remember to treat your partner with respect, love, and trust. People might flirt with, or come on to, your partner but it means very little because they, your partner themselves, would never act on it. They're typically grossed out by it if my friends are any indication.

Well that's enough from me really.


  1. So so true Adam. Without trust, the relationship cannot possibly survive.

  2. "Normal people suck, there's no doubt about that..."

    You see, that's the kind of cheerful, life-affirming, positive thinking I love about this time of year! I didn't need a Valentine because good old fashioned misanthropy is my beau. You should have come too. We could have stuck forks in things and make jokes about the 'tines' part of Valentines.

  3. i like the message in the end....VD haha...
    def treat your partner with respect, give trust,
    give reason for trust....

  4. Yes I agree a good relationship needs trust

  5. Kind of sad how insecure and petty some people can be.


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