Monday, 20 January 2014


My Immortal Space rewrites are going pretty well right now. Well, I think they are anyway. Despite a complete lack of energy lately due to sleep problems I've managed to rewrite what I feel is about 3/7's of the story that's written so far. It's more than a quarter, but not quite a half. If we're getting specific then I'm on page 87 out of 216 with more page breaks left to go before I'm done. It's at 70k words and I expect it to get up to about 100k by the time I'm done. I might have to tone it down a bit after that but my publisher has the right to edit my work. So he can do that if he wants to.

I noticed there were actually a few plot holes too as I was going through. One major one is that when Trent takes Jeff into space for the first time, he asked Jeff why he was nervous when he'd been in the ship before. In my head, I had Trent take Jeff to the hospital in the ship, but I never actually wrote it into the story. They would walk to the hospital and leave the ship at the shipyard. I've fixed that now of course. There were a few other things here and there which should hopefully be fixed now.

I've found that, as it always is with editing, I've found myself adding to things and not taking away. I'm just not very good at cutting things. I try my best to make sure that everything contributes in some way and never feel that something is, or could be, unnecessary. The Beast (which is so far still unreleased) is kinda like that. I can't really explain why without giving a lot away, but everything in the story contributes a lot to the finale.

I think these rewrites are going to take another few weeks and then it'll be a month or two until I'm really done with it. For now though, I have to go to the doctor's today to get weighed and see how my diet went.

More on that on Thursday.


  1. It's always hard to decide what to cut out of anything we've created. I even have that problem with school papers. I hope that the sleep issues get better soon my friend.

  2. take your time with it...get it the way you want...i like the adding of little side stories and it is def good to clear up the plot holes...they can be distracting...

  3. Cutting things can be very hard indeed, but sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself, sigh deeply, press ctrl+A and hit delete.

    >how my diet went
    Should be "went, is going, and will continue to go (or better)"? ;D

  4. 3/7's? Ha, what an odd measurement. That's fantastic.

    And it's nice to see that you're combing through for not just spelling and grammar errors, but plot holes. Believe me, readers will slam you for those kinds of things if they find them. And with sci-fi, you can't just say "a wizard did it" or "because it's magic" as an excuse.

  5. Sounds like things are going swimmingly. If you are satisfied with everything you wrote, then why cut anything? As you said, your publisher may makes some cuts anyway, so why not leave it "as is" and let the chips fall where they may,

  6. 100k words - wow! I dread going through my book and having to cut anything out of it.

  7. Good luck! That sounds like a lot of work!


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