Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm Running Out Of Excuses

This week has been pretty busy for me which is the main reason that, you guessed it, I don't have a podcast for you. I know some people tend to give some sort of year in review on the new years (happy new year by the way folks. Have a good one) I won't be doing that because something amazing happened to me on New Years Eve. Actually it happened around about midnight precisely as the new year came in.

I signed a publishing contract.

That's right folks. I have a publisher now. You remember it was either one week, or two weeks ago when I made a post about someone saying they were interested in a revised edition of The Beast? I cleaned it up and formatted it for them, and sent it back to them. They said that they loved it and they offered me the chance to sign with them. They offered me two contracts and of course I could only pick one. The first contract stated that I would be paid 0.006 cents per word (which is better than it sounds) and would receive 10% of the royalties. In return they would pay for all the costs of marketing the book and creating a cover. I would also have complete creative freedom. The publisher could ask me to write about something, but he couldn't tell me.

The other option was that I would receive 50% of the royalties but half of my first check would go towards the cover design and marketing fees. I also wouldn't have creative freedom. With this choice the publisher had the legal right to demand I write something he wanted me to.

In the end I chose the first option and signed across the dotted line. Effectively signing my life away I guess. I'm still waiting to learn more but for now it seems I do have a publisher and you can expect a release of The Beast soon. He's also interested in Immortal Space.

Don't worry about getting your update fix on that either. I went through the first five chapters and added to it when I thought I needed to. I also have the right to publish my work for marketing purposes. I just can't publish it to sell. So I can still post Immortal Space updates. I doubt I can post the complete work but I can certainly post enough to keep you going long enough for me to say "You have to pay for the rest", and then pay me for the rest.

I'll try to get a podcast up next week. Hopefully you can appreciate why I haven't. I actually heard from our good pal Bersercules who said he's interested in doing another recording together and the stuff I did with him was always well received.


  1. Congrats on getting the publisher! :D x

  2. dude...that is awesome..the royalties and no marketing/cover design is probably the route i would have picked as well..very when is the book coming out?

  3. This is great news about the publishing contract as well as the return of Bersecules. Way to ring in the New Year!

  4. Again, that's super awesome, congratulations!
    At first I was like "yeah, the second option sounds better, even with half of your first check "gone"", but then came the "no creative freedom" part. I'd say you made a good choice, and the guaranteed per-word pay is great backup for when a book doesn't do so hot. Good going, and can't wait to finally get more IS updates!

  5. Congratulations
    Awesome way to start a new year


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