Friday, 17 January 2014


I have found that I barely ever, if ever, lie. I think part of me just isn't really capable of it. There have been a few times of course but for the most part I am an exceptionally honest person. I don't try and hide things either. It just sorta happens. I have to say that I highly encourage this as it comes with a number of perks. There's at least one anyway.

People will believe anything you say.

If you've ever had a really strange situation happen that sounds like a totally stupid and made up excuse, then people will buy it. Excuses sound like excuses, and always will. If you've never given anyone reason to doubt what you say though, then there's a very very good chance they'll believe you. Remember that one time your dog really DID eat your homework? Then it puked it out and your cat ate it? No teacher would believe that unless you were already totally honest and up front about things before. Not that I ever did my homework. At least I told my teachers outright that I never did it. They didn't like me for that.

Seriously, be honest. It generally is the best policy.


  1. I completely agree. Honesty takes a person a long long way in life. It's always the way to go .

  2. I agree with this. :) Honesty is just easier in the long-run anyway. When you have too many lies to remember, you forget them and you become inconsistent.

  3. I'm honest for the most part except when dealing with peoples' personal attributes or appearances. I feel this is a common exception to the rule, though. But, I always tell the truth because getting caught in a lie is a lot worse than telling an unfavorable truth.

  4. Honest is the best policy.....most of the time.......nearly!

  5. People will believe anything you say if you know how to say it. Or know how to lie properly.

    Prevarication and half-truths are my best friends.

  6. I agree, although sometimes my honesty comes as a fault. As in I am incapable of being a good liar. :P

    Therefore, I have no choice BUT to tell the truth.


  7. i agree because it speaks to trust....the problem is that many dont want to hear the truth...cause it can hurt....

  8. I generally try to not lie also, my nephew who is 14 doesn't seem to know how to lie, so he always tells the truth even if it hurts or upsets someone.

  9. Good advice. Not for me really, because no one ever remembers anything I say... but for normal humans... good advice.


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