Friday, 10 January 2014

A Wild Podcast Appeared

What's that? A podcast? Here? Yeah right...oh it's real? Well then let's get on with it.

 It's been about a month and a half since I last posted a podcast but I'm back. Kinda. I have a new episode at least. Hopefully it won't take me a month and a half to make another one. In this episode I talk about my recent exploits with a publisher and also have a sort of release date for my latest written exploit The Beast. Enjoy!
A link to the episode in case it doesn't shop up in the post. It didn't show up in the editor or preview;

I can also follow up on a few of the random tidbits; Yes my friend's new package arrived safe and sound. I guess someone was just stealing stuff for Christmas. Also yes, the publisher liked what they read of Immortal Space and asked me to continue writing it, which I have. I think I'll post the first chunk next Tuesday.


  1. Woot....the return of immortal space!!!!! i am down with that...
    cant see the podcast here at school for the filter...or go to the site so i will check it this evening

    1. ha. you are so right....promoting your own book you have to sell it for sure...and it can be uncomfortable but that is the toll fee to cross the river you know....the good thing is once you become a name you settle that a bit...but its like climbing a hill....The Beast sounds cool as well...

  2. Damn yeah I had forgot what your voice sounded like..................

  3. I thought it had been a while since you had one on here. I'll listen to it on my home computer later!!

  4. Yeah, I think it will be like agony for you to "whore" yourself... I know it is stressful when I have tried to do it for myself. But then comes the time in a man's life when you gotta just back up the truck and f*****g go for it!

  5. Awwww you sound so utterly adorable! LOL! Well you do!! And you musn't suppress your regional accent - I hear it! It's lovely! Awww!

    Ok, nuff of that now! LOL!

    HUGE CONGRATULATIONS with your publishing deal - how EXCITING!!!! What a GREAT way to start the new year! Onwards and upwards for you! And of course someone lovely will look after Garfield when you do go to America, right!??! :-)

    Take care

  6. Your voice is fantastic lol. xD As a Canadian, I love you accent LOLOL. It's pretty damn cool. I agree with Old Kitty. Anyways, CONGRATS 2 MILLION TIMES WITH YOUR PUBLISHING DEAL AFSKDFKDBGHSBGBGJBHJGBDHG can you tell how excited I am? This is so great. :)))))
    And, you're so funny LOL i was chuckling throughout the podcast.


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