Friday, 27 December 2013

Well Well Well...

Romans, lend me your ears! Non Romans too. That includes you. Yes, you. And you. I've blogged before about how I was a member of a freelance website. It includes things other than writing too so I just describe it simply as a "freelance website". I also said that I didn't have much luck there and was then advised to go and give it one more go. Have another look, and see what there was.

About a month ago, almost exactly a month ago, I did find something to apply for and applied for it. There was someone who was looking for stories to compile into an ebook. The rules were that it was over 2500 words and I did actually have a story that fits into that. Many moons ago I started a second blog to post my writings on. It was actually seven months ago. Sheesh. One of my original plans for that blog was to post a story a month and then compile them into short story collections. That didn't go very well as I only posted two stories on there. That's where I plan on posting Immortal Space chapters by the way. One of those stories is called The Beast and it's based on a poem I wrote. It's about 7500 words long.

I submitted a proposal to the guy a month ago as I said, and then after I didn't get a reply, I thought that I had been quietly rejected. About a week or so ago they finally got back in touch with me and asked for a sample of my writing. I sent him a sample and again, it took a while to hear back from him, but it was good news. He said that he really enjoyed what I wrote and asked me if I could revise and reformat it. He gave me a new format to use and I plan to get to work and get it all sorted for him.

I'm going to try and contain my excitement but, my friends, I may be published again sooner rather than later, and it won't be Immortal Space.

Also, yes, Immortal Space is STILL on hold. Hey, it's not going to take long to go through a 7500 word story. It's not like I'm writing a 180,000 word story.



  1. Being published is great. Or so I've been told by friends who've been published.

  2. yay...that is awesome never really know how long it takes them as well...i have had some get right back to me...and others very similar to your

  3. Just goes to show that persistence pays off. Hopefully, this will be the start of something big. I really should read more, I'm forgetting how to spell. I will start with some of your short stories I think.

  4. Well it is good to hear that some of your work is going to be published not so good that your other blog is collecting dust

  5. Awesome! Congrats, Mark! You're going to have a pretty impressive portfolio if you keep this up.


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