Monday, 16 December 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, advertising is dead. Well, not really, but it's taken another blow thanks to a kickass service I only found out about recently. It's called Patreon It's sort of like Kickstarter and Indiegogo except instead of making a one off payment to support someone, you become a patron and give them a certain amount of money each month to support them in whatever it is that they do. As with Kickstarter, there are also incentives just in case wanting to help something you enjoy isn't enough.

First of all, there are the different incentives for each donator amount. Now, I've only actually seen one thing on there so far and it's a webcomic so I'll be using that as the example. At the lower end of the spectrum you get access to comics early and it gets better as you go along. The top tier reward is actually a blank book. Each month you pick your favourite comic and the creator prints it out in high quality, doodles on it, and mails it you to put in the book so over time you fill it up. That sounds pretty awesome.

You also have the milestone goals where you pledge to do a certain thing when you reach a certain amount of money coming in each month. The guy who runs the webcomic has pledged to remove advertising when he reaches enough money and has already hit a goal to remove one of the adverts from his site. I think advertising might be one of the most popular choices for that kind of thing.

I think this is a pretty cool system, and I really wish that there was a way I could make it work for me. I'm well aware that I don't really have the userbase though, or anything I can actually do. I can write, but I'm not sure how well I can really apply it here. Sure, I can offer the incentive for a printed book when it's finished and I can allow people access to read it as I write it, but that's it.

It, much like Kickstarter, is another way to bring the power back to the hands of the people. Especially the content creators too. Maybe it's something I can look into some other day. Sheesh, I really need to be building up my userbase right now more than anything.

Well I need to be writing too. That's pretty important.


  1. It's crazy how a lot of new services come in and change the original way we think and do things but I think the idea is good, and it means that as you said, you can bring the power back to the people in regards to what they really want! - Tasha xxx

  2. Ha, that's pretty cool. I like the idea, but we've always maintained that we charge people for our books but will never charge them for our comics. We don't want to come across as some kind of greedy moneygrubbers.

    "You get the crappy old comics for free, but if you want to see our new design, you have to pay us $4.99 a month!"

  3. So this is a bit like Kickstarter but it's more of a monthly service which is quite interesting but actually could end up being something that works so I dig the sound of it, thanks for letting me know about this mate.

  4. If I were wealthy I'd be willing to support someone weekly for a creative endeavour. It will be interesting to see how this works out.

    I read the post on your kitty and am so glad to hear only a shot was needed.

  5. Your product is your blog. Maybe you can find someone to finance your blog!

    Just checked out the site, yep, in the middle of writing this comment, looks like lots of weird things fly. Some girls getting money to write about video game critism! Man someone out there would probably patronize you to write all sorts of weird stuff, maybe even weird fanfic! Heck maybe even I could swing $2 a month to see some of your weird fanfic!!

    I hope you consider trying it!

  6. huh pretty cool...i had not heard of this...i need to check into this a bit...also need to find me a wealthy benefactor...ha.....

  7. Are you referring to SMBC? I saw them recently talk about doing this. I also know of a animation channel on Youtube doing this too.

  8. I haven't heard of this one yet. I hope it's successful for them.

  9. This is new to me, but it sounds pretty cool. It'd be useful if you planned to use the funds to hire someone to create a cover for your book or to hire an agent (do you pay agents? I don't know how the system works). Once you amass a large enough following, it could be used by members to access special areas of a website or something, too.

  10. It's worth a try. If you can get just a hand full of patrons with some big bucks... say if you can get 50 people to pony up $20 a month... for example.


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