Thursday, 12 December 2013

No Podcast Due To Technical Difficulties

Yes, I remember that I'm supposed to have a podcast. The technical difficulties in question are me acquiring a new laptop. Christmas is coming up and, while my old laptop functions very well (probably a record setting life for a laptop owned by me) it couldn't really keep up as I was using it for more and more things. So to that end I decided to buy myself a new one. I realise I'm also saving up a large sum of money for some kind of secret plan, but worry not; all of that is still going to go ahead. As I said, it's a Christmas present. For once in my life my dad is going to be paying ME back rather than it being the other way around. All in all I should still have all the money I need to go through with my plan in the original revised estimates.

There's one major problem that comes with acquiring a new computer and that, as anyone who's bought a new computer knows, is the transfer of files. For the majority of today I will probably be spending my time transferring files. I only got as far as moving half of my music collection, giving up, and then realising that I could add music to my computer through my homegroup (I've lost my external hard drive so I'm transferring the files through my home network) and then have iTunes' handy "consolidate files" option create copies for me. I have iTunes load up the files through the network and then use it to make it's own copies on my computer. After that I can worry about moving across all the other stuff.

I've managed to get a good amount of software over at least. I've had no difficulties and I can really tell that this computer is a lot faster than my old one. One thing I'm going to be using it for is playing games. They're games that are a few years old now so it didn't need to be top of the range. The computer guy was the one thing I never really expected a computer guy to be; he was nice and honest. I went in there expecting to buy another computer and when I asked him about it, he asked me what I was going to use the computer for. When I replied gaming and running a lot of different things at once, he pointed me in the direction of this computer. It was exactly the same price but a better machine for what I was after.

In any event, I hope to be finished with all this soon. Transferring the files over the internet is actually going at about the same speed so it's not been bad at all. I just have a lot of stuff to transfer. I should really invest in a proper external hard drive. Screw cloud storage. Why pay a monthly fee for something I can get in a single payment?

All I know is I'm in for a long and boring day because I'll probably have to use neither of my computers for much to keep the transfer speed high.



  1. I use cloud storage for my writing files since it's free, but for my other stuff I use an external HDD, because like you said, why pay monthly for something I can just pay for in one go? Not only that, but transferring stuff back and forth between an external HDD is much, MUCH faster than over the Internet. Definitely would recommend that when you get the extra coin.

  2. Congrats on the new computer. It will make your life seem a lot easier.

  3. hey good stuff on the new much as it is a headache to upload everything, its got to feel good....def an external hard drive is a good investment....

  4. About time you got a hardware upgrade. Do you have an external hard? That significantly speeds things up.


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