Monday, 9 December 2013

My Poor Little Kitty Cat

As you should be aware; I have two cats. I believe both are tabby cats as I've come to learn that tabby does not mean female cat, as I was once lead to believe. A female cat is called a Queen Cat. Yep. I have one boy cat and one girl cat and that is actually how I usually refer to them.

They got in a big fight on Saturday night and then when I saw the boycat (also called Garfield) he had a pretty nasty wound around his left eye. There's a lot of black there now and if you look closely you can even see the pink of his skin. I'm fairly certain this is a war wound. At least, I really hope it is. His eye is fine, or appears to be. He moves it just fine and he's yet to howl in pain or discomfort. I'm hoping it'll go away on it's own in a day or two as he heals.

My dad works on Monday's so I can't take him to the vet today but if it doesn't clear up soon then I will of course be taking him post haste. I really hope it's not some kind of illness he'll need eye drops for. It would suck if he was sick in general and I don't want to administer antibotics to a cat. It was bad enough when either of them needed to be given pills. They run if I spray them for fleas and don't reappear for hours. I dread to think about what they'll do if I try to pry their eyes open and then drop stuff in it.

It's hardly the first time they've fought, and doubtless it won't be the last. They've really been getting along and rarely fight anymore. When Girlcat (also called Kadie) was first brought to the house they'd fight a lot. She was way scrappier so she'd always win too. Plus he'd been fixed at this point so he was basically lazy. Actually when they fought was when I saw him move the most.

When I think about it, I think he's actually had something like this happen before. He got some black stuff around his eyes before and it did go away on it's own.

I just hope the little guy's alright.


  1. I hope the little guy turns out to be okay. My mother's cats always got in fights and never had to go to the vet. One had to get eyedrops from the vet because of cloudiness in her eye, but that's it. Not fight related. As for drops, they aren't that bad to administer, but still not a pleasure...

  2. Maybe give the vet a little call, asking if waiting it out for now is the right thing to do. It probably is though, but hey, the extra assurance can't hurt.

    1. One of my kitties is named Fang. She was a feral cat and she adopted me almost two years ago. She's fierce!

  3. I do hope he can get over this without needing a vet as they are expensive. But that does sound like a nasty injury.

  4. So cute that they're both getting into fights but it's not cute when they're actually being hurt, I do hope that he's okay Mark :(

  5. My husband would tell you the only good cat is a dead cat, I do not agree some cats are good some are not, I hope yours does not need to see a vet as vets cost a lot of bloody money

  6. I'm sure it's a war wound but may be good to get it checked out just in case so it doesn't get infected. Oh cats, I love them but they can be a handful :)

  7. We recently had a similar problem with our rats. They've been living together for nearly two years now, with only minor scuffles, but the other day one of them had a massive wound on her leg. Luckily, rats heal very quickly and it is going away nicely on it's own. I hope the same will happen for your cat.

  8. I don't blame him. If you cut MY nuts off, I'd be lazy too. In fact, I wouldn't even care if you wanted to put drops in my eyes.

  9. I hope he's okay. I can't imagine having to use eye drops on a cat. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

  10. Yeah. Girls always beat me up too.

  11. Oh no, I hope he turns out ok. :(


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