Monday, 30 December 2013

Getting Back Into It

Last week was a pretty damn lazy week for me. In my defence I spent a large portion of it depressed because someone I really care about seemed to just fall off the world. I didn't from them for three to four days and that can feel like quite a long time in the right circumstances. If there's someone out there you really care about then make sure you tell them, kay?

Still, they're back and it's a new week and even though it's still the holidays I have work to get done. I need to edit The Beast for that guy for a start. It won't take long to do either. I've just not really felt up to it. Plus it's a pretty awesome piece of writing. I don't want to look through it and think "Damn I was awesome." or, worse "Wow, what was I smoking when I thought that was good?" I've gone back and looked through my old work before but not something that old. I wonder what it'll be like to go through my original first novel. I remember starting writing, and then writing something else when I realised I wanted to build my skills up before tackling something like that. I got an idea so great, and put so much effort into it, that I wanted to do it the proper justice.

Before I can even start working on that again I also have to work through Immortal Space and get that finished at last too. Which is of course going to take quite a while when you consider that I'll be going through it and essentially making this a second edition.

I guess that's the plan for now then really; The Beast, Immortal Space, random fanfiction, then see where things take me. I also have to write Caspian. Remember that? I do. I read somewhere that the worst thing for a writer to do is run out of ideas. To finish something and not have something else to move on to.

I guess I won't have to worry about that for a while. For fiction writing at least. As far as blogging goes I'm a little screwed because I always seem to run out of ideas.


  1. I fear the day either of us runs out of ideas. So far we're good on that front. And I DO remember Caspian. I was quite excited for that one. Glad to hear you're back on it. Immortal Space, too. Chop chop!

  2. Sounds like a plan....a good plan too!

  3. Sometimes it takes me longer to find something to write about than the actual writing. In fact...I think that part always takes the longest come to think of it.

  4. Yesterday I didn't have any idea what to blog about and that is rare for me I am usually full of ideas

  5. sounds like you have enough to keep you busy for some time....
    i am not a fan of having to go back through old writing but hey think of the can we get some more immortal space as well? smiles.

  6. The worse thing for a writer is to not write.

  7. And you still made a post.
    You have a gift son.

  8. I dread going back and editing my work. I love it too much to tear it apart! Happy New Year!!


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