Friday, 6 December 2013

Cutting Down

Don't worry, I didn't oversleep. I just didn't write anything in advance of today because I stayed up too late last night to set one up. I do have something though so that's a good sign and means I can just go write ahead and write something.

One good thing that came out of seeing my doctor last week about not having diabetes was that he referred me to their on staff nutritionist. I went to meet her properly on Tuesday. She was pretty nice and managed to condense about an hour long thing into half an hour. She said I kept looking at the clock which was a sign I was bored and didn't want to be there. That wasn't true though. I was checking the clock because I was waiting for a message from my dad saying he was home, could pick me up, and I wouldn't have to walk home. I didn't get that message until I was walking home.

Well anyway, the nutritionist told me that I was actually eating for two. Legitimately. As in every meal I had (well, not every meal) was enough to feed two people. She suggested I literally cut my food intake in half and see what happens. Also I need to replace that half with more liquids as they can help, and are pretty necessary to weight loss. Not that I really needed more liquids.

Now I'm kind of undereating but I'm doing fine as far as things like hunger go. It's only been two days so it's still very early days, but we'll see what happens. When I've lost a little weight and I'm feeling more comfortable, I can get back in the gym and watch it just fly off like it was the first time I went there.

I'm due to see her again some time in January when hopefully I will have lost a little weight. It's a long journey but heck, gotta start somewhere.


  1. I have read that portion control is the key so she brings up a good point. I have a habit of eating way more than I need to for each meal!

  2. Keep on going buddy, been very proud of you recently and that won't change.

  3. cool. i am glad that it has been easy to cut back so far...i hope it continues to be so...i wonder how much of us might fit in to that category....

  4. I'm surprised you're not super hungry cutting your food intake in half. I bet you will have more energy though, because the body has to use a lot of energy to digest all that extra food.

  5. I am using "Rapid Loss" to help me eat less, as it is not easy to cut down how much we eat, I have a Rapid Loss milkshake 20-30 minutes before a meal and it does help

  6. Good luck, my friend! I know it's not easy, but you can do it.

  7. That's the exact opposite of me. My trainer is trying to get me to eat enough for two people (where I normally ate enough for half a person).

    That's where the protein shakes come in...

  8. How's the new diet going? Cutting your meal in half seems really drastic but that's just cos I believe in starting small then aiming for bigger everyday - so I'd say cut the meal by 3/4 then work to halving it! LOL! You do what feels right for your body and happiness! Take care


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