Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Shopping

I have absolutely failed at Christmas shopping this year. I have only bought 6 presents, of a possible...18. I don't think anyone really would expect me to get that many presents though. If they did then they don't know me that well. I'd like to say I feel a little bad but I'm not going to until I see those disappointed faces.

There is actually one person I bought three presents for and all of them went missing. Joy of joys. I sent her some mail and ordered her a package, neither of which she got despite them being marked as delivered. Then when we found that out I bought her another present, which also went missing. We have no clue what happened and have been forced to conclude that someone stole her mail. So, whoever did that, fuck you. Fuck you in the ass with a rake. With a double edged rake. I will do it personally. I really don't swear much but damn, that really annoyed the both of us.

Well anyway, yep, I failed massively at Christmas shopping. I'm not very good at shopping for Christmas in the first place because I'm so disconnected from my family that I have no idea what to get any of them except my dad and brother. I barely know what to get them either. I bought my dad a gift subscription a few years ago and now I just renew that and he accepts it as a present. It's pretty expensive too which helps. I found something my brother might like too and was able to pick it up. Now to hope that he doesn't already have it. Since he got his job he buys himself a lot more stuff so I don't know if he does or doesn't. If he does, then hey, I just accidentally bought myself something. Yay.

Even though I usually take Wednesday off I'm going to stop by to wish you all a merry Christmas on the actual day itself. I hope your shopping exploits have been more successful than mine and that your mail isn't being stolen.


  1. Surprisingly, I finished all my shopping a week ago which is a pretty big deal for me. Also, I wrapped all my presents yesterday instead of waiting until Christmas Eve.

    But, that's my biggest fear about shipping packages. I won't even get packages shipped to my condo complex. Instead I send them to my mother's house and pick them up. Can't thiefs wait until after Christmas to start stealing again? It's extremely rude to do it around the holidays.

  2. I did 90% of my Christmas shopping the first week of December, online at Amazon. I forced myself to do it, and not having to fight my way through mall crowds this year... totally worth it. The rest of my shopping was just for beer. Turns out it's a great gift if you get them something they've never tried before.

  3. I don't mind Christmas shopping, except when it is done on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day as the crowds on both days are just too much................I however start my Christmas shopping in January

  4. That's horrible, Mark. How mean to steal someone's Christmas gifts. Karma will track them down and be sure they are punished!

  5. oy, it takes a low person to steal christmas from someone....
    got all mine done early...did have to go to the grocery today...was not as bad i thought it was going to be....

    merry christmas man

  6. It is a good thing I don't have any friends, buying all those gifts sounds stressful. I only had to buy 3...well 5, actually. Too bad about the mail being stolen. This Christmas is not going as well as one could hope...


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