Friday, 8 November 2013


I might have blogged about this before but to be honest I don't really care enough to check. Besides I probably have more to say on the subject. I have trust issues. Lots of them. Maybe not lots of them actually. I'm not sure you can have more than one trust issue. I have fairly a fairly bad trust issue. I think that works better. The main point is that I have difficulty trusting people. I also have difficulty accepting people trust me. This makes it kind of weird when I find people who do trust me. People who would never once question my motives even though I question them myself.

I say people but of course I mean person. A pretty amazing person. I am actually used to people not trusting me which never really makes it very easy to then accept that others will trust you. Sometimes I can have a little difficulty with this person but she really treats me like no one else ever has. I sow the seeds of doubt and feed them a steady influx of lies and plots. Except I don't. I know deep down that there's no reason to mistrust me. I have valid reasons for what I do and do pretty much everything with legitimate and honest intentions.

It's a really strange feeling for me to be trusted no matter what. Not even my cats perfectly trust me. It doesn't help I attack them with flea spray but they can't understand it's for their own good. I win back Girl Cat's love by feeding her though. That's not her actual name by the way it's just something I call her. Oddly enough it takes longer to say Girl Cat than it does to say Kadie, which is her actual name. The name I occasionally call my Boy Cat, Sir Kitty McFluffenstein the Third is definitely longer than his given name of Garfield. I just find Garfield a bit boring and obvious. He's a ginger cat so he's Garfield by default. It's like calling every border collie Lassie. Lassie was a border collie right? I have no clue.

Well that derailed pretty quickly.

Main point? I have someone who trusts me and it feels strange, but also pretty cool. I'm coming to terms with it.


  1. There are few feelings greater than having someone you can trust and someone who can trust you in turn. It's one of the best feelings on earth.

  2. cool. it is nice to be trusted for sure...and that trust should be cared for as well...because you are right, you dont always find it in this world...its the basis of relationship though

  3. I'm afraid I can't really relate to this issue. Because I generally can gain the trust of most people that I talk to fairly quickly as well as get them to like me.

    Well, that's assuming I want you to trust and like me.

  4. Trust me (ahem!)! Nothing wins a kitty's trust than through their belly! LOL! But seriously - it's lovely to have someone trust you so now you must step up and prove you are worthy of such trust! Me being auntie again..! Take care

  5. Feeling trusted can be great although in the reverse it can put some unneeded pressure on your shoulders, glad to hear this though buddy.

  6. It's probably because i'm tired, but I am a bit confused. Is it a cat, or a person that trusts you? Or are cats people? Or are you secretly Batman and in love with Catwoman?

  7. I am happy you have someone special in your life like this.
    Trust can be fragile, and a lot of people don't trust easily so be happy


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