Thursday, 7 November 2013

Still Nothing

Still no podcast. Still no job. Still no medical form. Still no motorbike license either. Every time I ring the guy he's busy and gives me another time to ring him. Can't blame him for that really though as a lot of people are trying to get theirs out the way before the weather gets too cold. I've also had quite a while to get this test over and done with. So, yep, can't really blame him for being a success. If it wasn't for the fact that my dad had already paid for it and that he had half of my driving license I'd have given up by now and accepted it's not meant to be right now. If you're wondering what I mean when I say he has half of my license I mean that he has the paper part of my license. The piece of paper that you get when you apply for a license. He can't keep my card license so he keeps a hold of that. I'm not entirely sure why. Well anyway, he still has it.

I was actually going to record a podcast but then I ended up talking to a friend for a good few hours and playing some scrabble with them because I don't have that much of a life, even with friends. I also don't have much of a sleep schedule. Sheesh it's four AM as I write this and I plan to be up in about six hours or so. I want to go out on a walk some time today too. I'm getting even more unfit and it's really starting to bother me now. Not enough to go to the gym, but certainly enough to go out on a walk. I much prefer an actual walk to a treadmill or an exercise bike. It's more of a challenge on the body and I'm actually going somewhere. I think that might be another problem I have with the gym. In any case, it became really really apparent today just how much free time I have that I'm wasting so I'm going to do something productive.

I'm also going to book an appointment with my doctor. Medical form or not, I suppose I really need to get checked out for diabetes. If by some miracle my form arrives today I can take it with me. If not then I can just book myself back in again some other time. At least if I don't get this job for some reason I can say in a calm and clear voice "It wasn't my fault."

I won't believe me but it's worth a shot.


  1. I always found the deal with people running on a treadmill confusing, if not revolting. Imagine burning up all that energy and literally going nowhere. Walking is much better IMHO.

  2. i def would much rather go somewhere than ride a stationary...def get yourself checked out...the earlier the better as to managing....

  3. Hope you have good luck at the doctors.
    And that you got some sleep.

  4. I wonder why they keep putting it back buddy. Listen to me though man, get to the doctor as soon as possible, trust me dude. There's always the possibility that they will misdiagnose you a couple of times before they get to the problem like they have been doing with me so it's better they sort it out early.

  5. Good luck with the doctor. As the others have said, I'd rather go somewhere and see something than workout stationary like a hamster on a wheel. We have this beautiful 20 mile long trail behind my house full of lakes and mountains and mysterious paths, and it just astounds me that no one else besides myself and a small handful of people ever uses it.

  6. Why does your instructor keep hold of your paper license? When I was learning to drive, I went through a couple of instructors and they never had to keep hold of my paper license. Perhaps he's making sure that you don't go to someone else.

  7. Walking is very very good exercise in itself and has some good physical and emotional benefits. I prefer that to the treadmill any day.


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