Monday, 4 November 2013

It's Time For The Next Installment...

It's time for the next installment of "So, do you have a job?" The answer to that question is still "technically". I haven't received the letter that I'm supposed to take to my doctor yet. Or maybe they're sending a letter to my doctor. Huh. Well anyway, I'm much less apprehensive about taking the job than I was a few days ago. At least I seem to be. I talked it over with the person who would be affected most and their general response was "Don't work so hard you kill yourself". Unfortunately for them I plan to give myself a very punishing sleep schedule where I replace actual sleep with two naps. To be honest I actually don't need much sleep. Thanks to years of sleep apnea and a terrible sleeping schedule I've never stuck to, I don't have much trouble staying up and functioning on little sleep. I still remember the day I got about three hours sleep and then stayed up for twenty hours plus. Good times.

Anyway, right now I'm resolved to just answer my doctor's questions as honestly as I can. I'll leave it all in his hands. This delayed start means that my life won't be as affected as first thought/feared. I'll still be working the same schedule if I do go to the job, but what days I'll be there will be slightly different. I was supposed to start work today actually. Unless of course I begin work next Monday instead and things are the same, I just have one less week. I'll definitely be there for less time though. I'm currently contracted until the end of November as that's how they work there.

They basically employ so many people that they renew contracts monthly as I explained. If you can stay there for a few years then they have no choice but to offer you a permanent contract. The supervisor I met on my induction had been there for fifteen years. I don't think I could manage fifteen years though. I'd be quite happy to last until the end of the month. It would actually give me all the money I need for a very grandiose scheme I have that I'll tell you more about as it comes to fruition.

In the meantime I hope to get my current writing projects finished up before I have to go to work as it will seriously cut into my writing time and I also hope to pass my CBT bike training, which I'm hoping to retake tomorrow. I was penciled in for then as I didn't know when I'd be working and hopefully if I call him today to confirm, tomorrow will still be available.


  1. Is this grandiose scheme a pyramid scheme? Err, I should say "triangle shaped business model"?

    Don't forget slipping on something and breaking a bone. That pays pretty well, too. Or you could just work, I guess. That's also acceptable as a last option.

  2. hey good luck on finishing the writing projects and hey, so your best at the job as never may enjoy what the pay gives you...for even more grandiose schemes...smiles..

  3. This job is dragging out but hopefully like a good story with a happy ending?

  4. Best of luck with this Mark, I really hope that it works out even if it's dragging out over time.

  5. It's good to hear you are having more positive feelings regarding the job. I don't think it's a good idea to not plan sleep into your schedule though. That's a good way to get real sick!


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