Thursday, 3 October 2013

Seems Almost Biweekly Now

The podcast that is. Lately it really seems like it's been a biweekly thing. Part of that is down to how much time I'm spending on not making podcasts. Or generally living a life actually so that way I would have something to talk about. There are a few things I could mention, sure, but it wouldn't take long at all to talk about them properly, whereas I can make my writing look longer than it actually is. Speaking one extra sentence adds maybe a few seconds but writing one adds a whole other layer to the post and makes it seem more impressive. Overcompensating much? Perhaps.

Well as I said there are a few things I can mention that I would get maybe about a minute of talking out of. First of all, I went to the dentist a few days ago. They still don't like me because I still don't brush my teeth. Although she softened up a bit when I told her the main reason I didn't was because I slip in and out of depressive cycles and when you're depressed hygiene is one of the first things out the window. I don't mean to keep growing a beard. Still, I got six months to try and sort my mouth out with the power and magic of proper brushing. They sure do an excellent job at making you feel like crap. You'd be surprised at how totally NOT motivating that is!

I was going to also mention going back to the gym but after I wrote it out it turned into something resembling an actual post of it's own. I can fluff it up a bit and make it an actual post. Yay for taking what ideas I can get and doing what I can with them. Seriously if I ever doubt my creativity all I really need to do is just load up a random blog post and look at how well I managed to keep things going despite not having much, and how I managed to extend sentences past the point of human understanding and recognition.

Seeing how my stories are actually more popular than me (seriously, I have 60 followers but my story has over 170 favourites...the buck?) I'm not going to focus on that. I should instead be focusing on my attempts to join the prostitution industry*.

I should really do posts like this more often.

*please note I'm not actually trying to become a prostitute.


  1. Hmmm... well, I usually start my Thursday morning off by listening to your podcast.. But now that there isn't one... I don't know who I am anymore.

  2. The dentist using shame doesn't understand how depression works elsewise they wouldn't do that to you. Terrible technique really.

    So you're not going to become a prostitute after all? Now that would have made for some interesting podcasts :)

  3. Don't sweat it. I think dentists are just like that. They live on guilt trips. I haven't had a cavity in years. My teeth are sparkling white. But each time I go they ask, "Do you floss?" and I tell them honestly, "No. I don't. I don't like it and I don't have time for it," and even though my teeth are in 100% health they always insist on their tirade of how much I need it and I should be more responsible, blah blah blah.

  4. Well they are dentists, what do we expect from sadists?

  5. hey, prostitution is one of the oldest occupations....ha.
    but you may want to brush more if you do that...

    i cant stand the dentist

  6. Yeah Mark I'm glad to hear you're staying away from prostitution, don't worry about no podcast too buddy, just keep on going.

  7. I haven't been to the dentist for myself in almost a year due to no insurance. I brought my daughter in for a cleaning last month because she has insurance and got lectured anyway. You just can't escape the talk.

  8. LOL the world's oldest profession...I have thought about trying my hand at it!


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