Friday, 18 October 2013


Yesterday (I'm writing this at two in the morning so it counts) I actually totally lost track of time and didn't have anything written. I keep losing track of time a lot lately. I have good excuses though. It's something that's been proven true time and time again though that I really have really bad time management skills.

I have a whole lot I want to get done, and some things that I have to get done that just aren't getting done. It kinda sucks but I suppose if it was that much of an issue to me I'd probably try and organise my time better. I really am just that bad at it I guess. Things get put off and in some cases not done for a long time. Actually one of the reasons I have a poor diet is time management. I never start working on food early enough and as a result I tend to just have something quick like some kind of microwavable meal or sandwich. It's not bad once in a while but it's terrible to do it every meal.

My cat eats pretty well though. Seeing how she drapes herself over my shoulders and across my chest I suppose she sleeps pretty well too. Lucky little bugger. At least I actually don't have to prepare her food for her. I just open a packet and put it in the bowl. Sometimes she gets annoyed and doesn't eat in protest because she actually gets sick of eating the same food all the time. I can relate because the same happens to me (Celestia knows how I can keep eating sandwiches and not get sick of them) but it's not like there's much choice when it comes to cat food really. So she's kinda out of luck.

Speaking of luck, as this thing does seem to be one long segue, I suppose I kinda got lucky that I had several small things to talk about and went on a small mental journey. Now if I could be lucky enough to land a nice job I'm interested in, and get my writing done, which are surprisingly similar goals, then I would be a happy man.

That isn't to say that I'm not happy, for I am reasonably happy right now. It's pretty awesome.


  1. My cat sometimes sleeps right on my chest and just purrs away. I hope you get that job that you're wanting soon my friend.

  2. Eating healthy is mighty important, but doesn't look like I have to tell you that. Maybe write down an actual time schedule for important things to do every day, like cooking?
    But YES GET YOUR WRITING DONE, I'm still sitting in line for my (our) share of IS updates man.
    I will never stop pestering you about it until you actually deliver.

  3. Things will work out over time buddy, just keep on writing, it's something you're good at and that should be furthered!

  4. Reasonably happy is better than not happy I suppose Mark.

  5. My cats eat far better than I do as well.... A combo of being lazy when it comes to planning my meals ahead of time, and also cat food is very expensive and I am very poor, and I tend to let myself starve and not the cats....

  6. I think you have a very lucky and loved cat!

  7. I'm glad you are feeling happy. I think we all have problems with time management. Obviously, all of us would like to be doing a lot more than we are. Or at least I think most people with even a shred of ambition want to be doing more. Sometimes, we are doing the best we can, even though we feel like we are not achieving all that much. Baby steps!

  8. Don't feel too badly about taking a while to write. It's been all day and I haven't really written anything. In fact I'm lucky that I'm even writing th

  9. I think I'd be pretty happy with how things are going in my life too.

    If only I wasn't so tired...

  10. hope you land that job...and def have to slow down at times to cook a good meal...but i hear you on being rushed...i have those days...

  11. So long as you eat your five a day! Fruit and veg and nuts! Ahem! LOL! Seriously - they don't need preparation! :-)

    Your kitty sounds adorable! I dare not change my cats' food - they'll definitely give me the look and the silent treatment!

    Take care

  12. eating healthy food isn't hard and you can probably find plenty of quick nutritious meal idea on the internet.
    Even if you make a big bowl of salad, keep it in the fridge and eat it over a few days
    Fingers crossed you find that job you are looking forward to

  13. You could solve both of these mealtime problems by eating your cat.


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