Friday, 11 October 2013

Cold Nights Are Coming

That's right folks. Autumn is settling in as the Summer sun dims. It's pretty much gone now really as the nights are getting colder. We're fast approaching my favourite time of the year as far as weather and atmosphere goes. The sun is nice, sure, but I melt very easily and much prefer the darker and colder nights. The only problem with this is that my bedroom window still isn't attached properly and I get incredibly cold. Especially at night. You know how you see in movies where people get so cold they fall asleep and don't wake up? That actually happens to me. The impulse to fall asleep that is.

Yeah, it gets pretty damn cold.

This time though me and my dad are hoping to do something about it. Last year we tried sealing it up with...well, sealant, but it didn't go too well. This time my dad decided to buy some things that he can just attach to the frame that cover up gaps. I've forgotten what they're called but they also look pretty nice. They're made of pine. There's just one problem and that is that neither of us can put them up. Though part of that is a lack of tools. We're hoping that we can get someone to do it, or just get it done ourselves. I think we'd have a lot more luck if we had a saw.

For now though I'm going to chill my way through the winter, almost quite literally. I'm aiming to survive though don't you worry. I'll be here all this time still with nothing to write about because of course I have no ideas. Never have, and never will.

Well I suppose it's not true I've never had ideas. I did use to have ideas. Then I started having more sleeping problems than ever. At least my kitty is willing to share her body heat with me. She's totally adorable.


  1. Dude, get a space heater. Your room is probably not that big, it should warm the place up without much difficulty. The small ones are quite inexpensive, and don't use that much electricity. One of these days, I might splurge and even get myself an electric blanket. I bet those things are awesome...

  2. I love when the weather gets cooler! I always sleep better if it's a bit chilly.

  3. I've been feeling a lot more positive towards Winter recently but I hate being cold in my own house all the same and really hope that our heating holds out. There's nothing better than being in a warm house on a cold day!

  4. We seal our windows in cold winter weather with plastic. It helps with drafts. A good down blanket will keep you and kitty warm.

  5. Yep, getting colder here too.

    Once the snow hits though, it'll be less hectic at work.

  6. thank goodness for the kitties that keep us warm eh? i love sleeping in the def helps me sleep good but i want to wake up for sure...ha....we used to seal ours with plastic growing up.....

  7. Gosh I do hope you get your window sealed properly!! Yes, get some portable heaters too! Oh I totally do not like the cold during bedtimes - I can handle it anywhere, any time but not for bed time! LOL! Thank goodness for your cat!
    :-) Take care

  8. Clearly the answer is to get more cats to cuddle with

  9. For me the hot nights are on the way, in fact there has been a few nights that I have had the air con going when I went to bed, last night we had the a/c going for a while well up till the storm hit.

  10. Surely there's something you can burn. Sacrifice your earthly possessions to Peyrite, god of the flame!


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