Monday, 16 September 2013

This Post Brought To You By Technical Difficulties

This post might end up being a bit of a repost from my post on Friday but screw it, I'm going to make it anyway. As you might recall my fancy red laptop came to an unfortunate end on Friday. It's currently sat in the repair shop. Quick recap, I got mouthwash on the keyboard and it seeped in and fried it. Thankfully I was able to extract and wipe the hard drive so I felt safe taking it into the repair shop. I took it in on a Sunday and they said it would take a week, so I hope I actually do get it back by the end of the week. I think they'll just be replacing the keyboard in it. I actually can't remember what happened the last time it broke. Oh wait, I remember now, it was the battery. The battery needed to be replaced.

Anyway, for no I'm on my black laptop. My old, old black laptop. This thing really has seen better days. I think it's in need of a good wipe itself but I don't have the installation disks and I'm paranoid. I'm not about to ask a nice repair man to do it. Maybe I can get another copy of the disks or something. But yeah this thing needs help. I've had some real difficulty with it this past weekend. It actually has very good memory. It has 4gb of RAM and a 1.3ghz processor. I remember it being a pretty slick machine and my problem with it was that the graphics card wasn't as good as I wanted, as I got it when I was heavily into PC gaming and the laptop I had before this was phenomenal for games. Since that time though I have let my nieces use this. If you value your electronics then I suggest keeping them away from children. I've ran virus checks, I've ran disk cleaners, I've deleted programs and still it's only really good at doing one thing at a time.

Sometimes the poor thing can't even do one job properly. The biggest problem I've had by far is that the processor will give out and it'll close programs to free up processor space. Programs I happen to be using.

Still, it is and always has been a faithful little piece of machinery. It's kinda fun to use an old computer really. I consider myself lucky to even have a second laptop. I could be in a much worse situation right now. Especially given that one of my closest friends is an American. I'd rather have my video calling program randomly cut off than be unable to use it at all. She's pretty important to me so it'd suck to be unable to talk to her for a whole week. Been there, done that, don't really need to go through it again.

Anyways, I'm out guys. Have a nice day. I hope to go on a bike ride today and finally put my laundry in the wash.


  1. I spilled soda on my laptop once and it wasn't able to be fixed. But it was an entire glass so I'm sure you'll have better luck with the mouthwash spill!

  2. Isn't it weird going back to an old laptop that you used to use all the time? I had to boot up an old computer recently to sell it, and was amazed that I had used it for so long, being as how it could open all of one Internet window and Word just before it'd crap the bed.

  3. You spilled what on your where
    How could you even
    Why did I miss this when you first posted it
    I'd give you an earful but you probably don't need it anymore. I'll just assume guilt's washed over you a couple of times already.

    Also, if it's closing the programs you're using to free up cpu/ram space, and there's still other programs running after that, your OS needs to sort out its cleaning algorithm, or whatever it uses to determine what to kill.

  4. I hate it when laptops get old and die.

    I mean, what else is fun, warm, and sits on your lap, purring away?
    Exactly. Laptops are great.

    And you know what else sucks?

    When your laptop starts going to another family to get fed, that's what.

    1. Laptops are great and all, but it's pretty scary that they like to sit on a baby's face sometimes.

  5. Now you are making me paranoid with all your paranoia talk. Oy vey.

  6. Now I'm scared to take a look at my old laptop and see what I saved on it.

  7. I booted up my old laptop the other day and found it nearly impossible to go from OS X to Windows. It was crazy hard!

  8. Enjoy your bike ride buddy, sorry to hear that you're still having issues with technology. It really is a fickle mistress!

  9. Computers are not made to last, it is a money crapping business, but when we do silly things like spill stuff on a laptop or drop it with the cord attached and stuff it so it will no longer charge we feel like a dill.............

  10. ha. when i kill a laptop i kill there is no back def be is nice to revisit the old friends if you have one...

  11. Well, we ALL could use a good wipe every now and then.


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