Friday, 6 September 2013

This Is The Sound Of My Brain

To be honest while I did have a lot of different thoughts swimming around in my head I wasn't sure what, if any, I could actually use as a blog post. Some were too small, some seemed just nonsensical and random, and some just seemed to be uninteresting. Although I suppose really if something is interesting to me then it does deserve a place here upon my blog. 'Tis MY blog after all. While I did think that I also thought that, eh, I kinda have to be entertaining too and engaging. I don't want to talk about some kind of special interest that you fine folks don't share with me. That would just be kinda pointless and is the main reason I don't follow some blogs. Our interests clash and what you write about, no matter how much of an engaging and likeable person you are, is not something I want to read about.

So in the interests of that...well I don't really know what to do. Actually my mind is no longer awash with ideas really. There are some things I can mention but it's better leaving them for a few more days until things are more known. Plus, that way, I can of course leave things and have other things I can write about further down the line. That's one of the points of blogging as much as I do. You take what you can get and hold off what you can hold off.

This is hardly my first ever "I got nothing post" and as per usual I rose to the situation admirably. I manage to make each one of these very fun and still worth reading even if there's very little actual content. Though, when it comes to me, there's always something worth reading. I mean, I'm a literary God. It takes a lot of ability to make a story over ten times as long as you originally planned it to be and continue to keep everything else on hold.


  1. Well, I don't know. I have more ideas than time to write about them myself. With me, it's more of an issue of wasting my time writing about something nobody wants to read. When you don't have that many followers, you really don't have the luxury of talking about random topics and depending on your fan base to find what you're posting amusing because they just love you so darn much. For example, Justin Bieber can tweet the word "boogers" and get 100,000 retweets. Though, I would like to post about boogers as much as the next guy, it is just not something that the masses are interested in. (Unless I were to post about Justin Bieber's boogers... but that is neither here nor there.)

  2. Sorry for linking to myself (I'm not sorry at all), but you should try doing this when you don't have anything to say:

  3. Yeah, I know that feeling. I learned that writing about politics (and my failed Netflix post) tend to drive away most of my readers, not that there are much to begin with. So, I tend to standby until a relatively funny post presents itself unto me, which is quite rare nowadays.

  4. I think that it's always good to have an active mind Mark, if you can write about essentially nothing and still make it interesting then that's the sign of a deep thinker with a lot of talent, neither of those are bad attributes to possess.

  5. truly an admirable attempt at i have nothing, though you came up with something, the same way nature abhors a vacuum...a booger post could be fun though

  6. If you can write about something engaging and funny, that's great. If you've got nothing to say, just keep writing about nothing. As long as its engaging and funny, you're good to go. If you got nothing, you can always slap a caption on some picture you got from the Internet.
    Works for me.

  7. It's hard work being a literary God! LOL!! Wishing you a lovely weekend! Take care

  8. hey how about another story...i want to read more of your stories!


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