Friday, 27 September 2013

Some Things

I did have an idea for a post but I couldn't really think of how to word it. I'll see if I can make it exist for Monday or something. It was a pretty good idea, I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Instead I will just offer you some random thoughts as I'm typing this from the magical land of one in the morning.

- I did try to go back to the gym yesterday. No, really, I did. I packed my bag up and everything and when I got there I found out they were closed for refurbishment until tomorrow (Saturday) so I could not in fact go. When I was there last they were talking about refurbishment and they actually changed the changing rooms and replaced all the lockers right before I left. I either forgot the refurbishment was happening or thought it would be over with by now. I originally stopped going because I hit a major wall and took a harsh dose of reality and it left me very, very depressed as far as exercise goes. I thought I was doing good and so did the guy who was keeping track of my progress. He told me to book myself into a fitness class and I chose a combat fitness one. It's one where you exercise using basic fighting techniques but don't actually hit eachother. I blew up within minutes and struggled to get through the class and I think only sheer determination to see it through and not have to quit kept me going through it. The point though is that I wanted to go, still want to go, and actually did manage to go. I think that come next week, when they reopen, I'll be able to walk in again and exercise. I'll probably have to start small but I can work my way back up to the top.

- I had some things to do in town anyway so it wasn't like the trip was a total waste. I went to my local Boots to print up some photographs and there was a woman there who was in quite a rage. Boots are sort of a pharmacy but they stock food and plenty of other things. Anyway, the pharmacy section happened to be closed (I don't know why) and this woman couldn't seem to grasp that they couldn't sell her anything, no matter how sick her kid was. Listen, I can sympathise with a parent, but when there are THREE other pharmacies within walking distance of this one, I can't sympathise with a rude customer. Working in retail would be sweet if it wasn't for all the customers.

Well that's two things but it actually took up a lot of room, so yay for that. I guess I can leave off with that. Enjoy your day folks.


  1. Wanting to go and then going is more than half the battle my friend. You did well!

  2. Rude customers wind me up so much Mark, it's a pitfall of retail that I so easily fall into time after time again in my work.

  3. You know what they say when the gym is closed?
    Get to Dairy Queen.

  4. i do feel for the woman a bit...but there is nothing they can do if they cant do anything you know....glad it was not a wasted trip for you...good job going even if...

  5. After a decade or so, you get kind of numb to the rudeness of customers.

  6. The pharmacy bit of my Boots closes when there isn't a pharmacist on site - actually they can't open Boots at all if there isn't a pharmacist on site! Apparently! Oh dear!

    Combat fitness what?!?! Wow! take care

  7. My favorite part of customer service was being able to take that pissed off customer leave with a smile. It let me know I did well at my job.

  8. Oh well you tired which is more then I can say

  9. If you REALLY wanted to go, you would have broken in and used the gym anyway. A true gym member wouldn't let locked doors, alarms, and police assembled in a siege formation stop them!


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