Monday, 23 September 2013

Fun With Minecraft

Not only am I a former Minecraft player who managed to get out of the system, I'm now a relapsed Minecraft player and I'm playing it again. Joy of joys. It's not that bad actually because I'm playing with a friend and she's pretty much the only reason I'm playing it anyway.

I first got out of Minecraft because I could never really think of anything to build. Now though me and my friend build things together on a multiplayer server and occasionally surprise eachother with small things made either there, or on the single player mode. We've built a fair few things together, or been in the process of building things when unfortunately a server reset means that what we were building had to die.

I do understand the point of server resets though and even saw them as a way to begin an entirely new project that could take a good few months to build. It gives me and her something to do together too that we both find enjoyable.

We've ran into a few problems on the server thanks to some pretty bad mods but it turned out the guy was universally hated. Except perhaps by the guy who kept remaking him a mod and unbanning him. He banned my friend for a accidentally hitting me (this was after I'd accidentally killed her...yeah that can happen) and he wouldn't leave us alone. I went back online yesterday to hear that he'd been banned for calling all the girls on the server "sluts" so, yep.

I'm not even lost to the world of Minecraft because, as I said, it's pretty much exclusively something I do with my friend. I still can't really think of much to build, and I'm terrible at following pixel art guides, but we still make some cool things together. I'd show you some of it but as I said there was a huge server reset. One of the most fun things we definitely did though was building a huge checkers board and actually playing checkers together on Minecraft.

She won.


  1. Minecraft is the frikken bombdiggady :D how did we not figure out that we both liked Minecraft? I'm not all into making mods or anything anymore, rarely have time for it and it often frustrated me but Matt does it all the time for me so I'm fine.

    By the way you'll never believe me but I have actually started yet another blog. One I am committed to! Back to the old TayTay style - I think. So between Minecraft and Blogger, I am going to fail Grade 12. Happy days.

    My new blog;


  2. My boys have both played Minecraft and the youngest still does I think.
    I really dont know a lot about it other than they have told me the same as you. It is all about building stuff

  3. It's a bit beyond my ken but I do like seeing what people do with it. It can get pretty elaborate if you know what you're doing.

  4. Minecraft's still a thing? Of course it is, I heard it's getting rather bloated with all kinds of crazy updates these days.

  5. I still haven't played this game. Why? For fear it'll suck me into its depths and kill any sliver of productivity I once had...

    1. Same here, I daren't play it because I understand that it is a massive time sink. I could live a whole other life on there.

  6. It angers me that someone would be entrusted with the hallowed duties of a mod, and take that bond of trust and just trash it to the nether reaches of Hades like that.

  7. Wow that's really unfair that a mod would stoop to that level but some people just aren't very nice and abuse powers give to them. It's a shame really. I love the ending of this post too! I've not played Minecraft but I know if I do I'll get lost on it forever! - Tasha xxx

  8. That's pretty cool man, weird at the same time because I never remember hearing you talk about Minecraft before, perhaps it's something you've been quiet about! I really want to get around to playing it though man, I've heard some really good things and it's tempting.

  9. I have Minecraft for both the computer and xBox. I gave it up on the computer when there was a server reset. The server I used had a currency system and such, so losing all my stuff kind of took the wind out of my sails. I just play with my roommate occassionaly on the xBox. The xBox version isn't quite the same, though.

  10. My son just started playing a few months ago and loves it. He just introduced my daughter to it. I won't let her play here only at his house. I'm afraid she'll get sucked in too!

  11. Ok I have never heard of Minecraft but then I am not one for games

  12. Oh god, Minecraft. That game has sucked up so many hours of my life.

    I can't go back, I can't afford to get addicted again.

  13. dude....such a simple game...and so very addicting...once you get in...its hard to get out...relapsed...heh i get that....


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