Monday, 30 September 2013

Hitting It Off

As most of you know, I enjoy starting posts with "As most of you know". Seriously though, it's just such a good way to preface a post. Anyway...I not only run my own little podcast but I also co-host a wrestling podcast every week. There was a guest on the show of the wrasslin one (obviously you guys would know if I had a guest on my personal podcast. Something that hasn't happened in forever) and she has a wrasslin podcast of her own. Hers is recorded just after the show, so it would be at four or five in the morning for me which actually isn't that late but I prefer to watch the show commercial free. Celestia bless anyone who can sit through three straight hours of a program.

Anyway, she's going to be moving to the UK soon, so our time zones would be able to match up. She has a guest every single week and she gets a lot of people requesting to be her guest. I thought I'd take a shot and ask her. When I asked her she said no. Due to the high demand of requests she gets, she only wants people on that she knows and has a rapport with, and she thinks me and her just don't have that. It's fair enough really. I'm not about to complain that she wouldn't let me on her show. I know she has a lot of people ask her, and I know I barely talk to her at all. Actually I can say I think I've talked to her all of three times.

What got me though was the whole rapport thing. Despite being quite a recluse I actually am capable of hitting it off with people quite well. I can actually make a remarkable first impression when I want to and usually when I don't have a rapport with someone, it's because I'm not allowing myself to. At first I actually even considered leaving the wrasslin podcast I was already a part of because she also commented how fragmented and all over the place the show seemed. It has five hosts now that I'm there though so I think that is just part of the way it goes. I do know though that the guys who run the show itself do like me. I have good chemistry with most, if not all of them too. If I didn't they wouldn't have invited me back on the show and let me just live with them now. Seriously that's what happened. I did one show, and asked if I could do the week after. The first show was a PPV prediction show and I wanted to come back the week after to discuss the PPV itself. They invited me back and one of the hosts even said he thinks I should have become a regular guest/host. We're just caught in a transition period but we'll get there.

I can't please everyone, I can't be friends with everyone, and frankly I don't want to. Oh and once again, I'm not saying I felt disappointed I couldn't be on the other show. It's her show, her rules, and I understand her point. I wouldn't want to listen to something where two people were clashing all the time because they didn't click. I'm just talking about rapport in general and how sometimes you really hit it off with people, and sometimes you don't, and I'm just not used to people telling me that me and them didn't hit it off.

Friday, 27 September 2013

Some Things

I did have an idea for a post but I couldn't really think of how to word it. I'll see if I can make it exist for Monday or something. It was a pretty good idea, I just wasn't sure what to do with it. Instead I will just offer you some random thoughts as I'm typing this from the magical land of one in the morning.

- I did try to go back to the gym yesterday. No, really, I did. I packed my bag up and everything and when I got there I found out they were closed for refurbishment until tomorrow (Saturday) so I could not in fact go. When I was there last they were talking about refurbishment and they actually changed the changing rooms and replaced all the lockers right before I left. I either forgot the refurbishment was happening or thought it would be over with by now. I originally stopped going because I hit a major wall and took a harsh dose of reality and it left me very, very depressed as far as exercise goes. I thought I was doing good and so did the guy who was keeping track of my progress. He told me to book myself into a fitness class and I chose a combat fitness one. It's one where you exercise using basic fighting techniques but don't actually hit eachother. I blew up within minutes and struggled to get through the class and I think only sheer determination to see it through and not have to quit kept me going through it. The point though is that I wanted to go, still want to go, and actually did manage to go. I think that come next week, when they reopen, I'll be able to walk in again and exercise. I'll probably have to start small but I can work my way back up to the top.

- I had some things to do in town anyway so it wasn't like the trip was a total waste. I went to my local Boots to print up some photographs and there was a woman there who was in quite a rage. Boots are sort of a pharmacy but they stock food and plenty of other things. Anyway, the pharmacy section happened to be closed (I don't know why) and this woman couldn't seem to grasp that they couldn't sell her anything, no matter how sick her kid was. Listen, I can sympathise with a parent, but when there are THREE other pharmacies within walking distance of this one, I can't sympathise with a rude customer. Working in retail would be sweet if it wasn't for all the customers.

Well that's two things but it actually took up a lot of room, so yay for that. I guess I can leave off with that. Enjoy your day folks.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Muscles Are Weird

It's not a very long podcast offering this week, but it seems that the podcasts that come in around the 15 minute mark are the ones that get received the most positively. This one begins with me regaling you with the tale of how I ended up smelling like vanilla (but thankfully avoided causing lasting damage to my laptop) and then I go into how my leg muscles absolutely suck. I went on my bike a little on Tuesday and it really took it out of my legs after a very short amount of time. Given how I barely ever exercised at all since I joined the gym, I don't think it's a lack of exercise that caused this to happen. At the gym I would stay on cross trainers and treadmills at high elevation and I would actually put the exercise bikes on the highest resistance and have very little trouble pedalling. Seems I know how to ride a bike, just not the finer mechanics of it.

Damn I need to get back into that gym.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Fun With Minecraft

Not only am I a former Minecraft player who managed to get out of the system, I'm now a relapsed Minecraft player and I'm playing it again. Joy of joys. It's not that bad actually because I'm playing with a friend and she's pretty much the only reason I'm playing it anyway.

I first got out of Minecraft because I could never really think of anything to build. Now though me and my friend build things together on a multiplayer server and occasionally surprise eachother with small things made either there, or on the single player mode. We've built a fair few things together, or been in the process of building things when unfortunately a server reset means that what we were building had to die.

I do understand the point of server resets though and even saw them as a way to begin an entirely new project that could take a good few months to build. It gives me and her something to do together too that we both find enjoyable.

We've ran into a few problems on the server thanks to some pretty bad mods but it turned out the guy was universally hated. Except perhaps by the guy who kept remaking him a mod and unbanning him. He banned my friend for a accidentally hitting me (this was after I'd accidentally killed her...yeah that can happen) and he wouldn't leave us alone. I went back online yesterday to hear that he'd been banned for calling all the girls on the server "sluts" so, yep.

I'm not even lost to the world of Minecraft because, as I said, it's pretty much exclusively something I do with my friend. I still can't really think of much to build, and I'm terrible at following pixel art guides, but we still make some cool things together. I'd show you some of it but as I said there was a huge server reset. One of the most fun things we definitely did though was building a huge checkers board and actually playing checkers together on Minecraft.

She won.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Pain In The Feet

I recently decided to go back to making myself thinner and in better shape. I have my reasons. Other than of course a better quality of life. If I cared about that I'd be shaving and brushing my teeth more.

Anyway, rather than just jump straight back into the gym I decided to start it a little small. On Wednesday I dusted off my Kinect and did the calorie challenge on my Kinect Sports game. If you don't know what that is, it's where you set a time and calorie goal (well, you select a time and it gives you a calorie goal) and you play minigames for the set amount of time, hoping to burn off the amount of calories. Pretty simple stuff.

Back in my heyday I could do a full half hour session on that. It might not sound like much but that thing could actually really take it out of you. I decided to start a little smaller, as I said, and only did the fifteen minute challenge. Damn that thing took it out of me. I did manage to beat the goal though, so that's something.

Yesterday I also went on a proper walk for the first time in forever. The town centre is to the right of my door, and my walking path is down the left. I had to go to the town centre to mail a letter and decided I would walk up there and then walk past my house on the way back and continue walking. I have two different walking routes. Well it's a straight line either way, but I have two set distances. There's a petrol station a mile away from me, and my old school is two miles away. When I started walking before I would walk to the petrol station and back. Then I started venturing towards the school and back. This time though I did only go to the petrol station. I got some nasty stomach cramps and I'm surprised I managed to drag myself home. Still, I walked three miles and I'm going to walk at least a mile today, so it's not going too bad.

I have no problem starting exercise programs or anything, I find sticking to them to be my biggest obstacle. Most people can make something a habit pretty quickly but I just can't. I probably couldn't form a smoking addiction if I tried. Not that I really want to.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

I Came To A Realisation

I'm taking a break from the podcast this week because I'm on my old laptop and it's not such a good piece of machinery for something like recording. I was lucky to be able to take part in BoredWrestlingFan last week in my opinion. It's kinda sad I did actually have an idea that probably would have made a pretty decent talking point.

Like the title of the post suggests I came to a realisation recently. As you probably recall, I write. I write a lot. I came to a realisation about just how much I bloody write. I'm currently writing a fanfiction story but what you don't know is that I write three updates for it a week. The updates I write for it are also 2000 words. Back when I was doing Immortal Space (I do plan to go back to that eventually) I was writing one or two updates that were only 1000 words long. I'm basically writing about three times as much as I used to. Right now I'm writing about 6000 words a week. One update that's about 2k words long every other day doesn't sound like a lot but to me 6k words a week sounds like quite a lot. Heck I used to find the 1k words I wrote for Immortal Space to be quite a lot.

The fanfiction story I'm writing has been going on for a few months now. I think it's been about four months or so, but it's already over 130k words. I think when I do go back to Immortal Space I'm going to try and keep up a similar schedule, but only two updates a week. Right now I blog on Monday, Thursday, and Friday and I think it would make a pretty decent schedule to throw up story updates on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I think unless you're writing yourself you don't realise how many words something like 6000 a week is. It really doesn't sound like much but until you try it really really is. Especially when a story ends up as long as my story has. It's easily the length of a pretty good novel. Its over 300 A4 pages long.

If it wasn't about pretty little ponies I'd probably suggest you read it.

Monday, 16 September 2013

This Post Brought To You By Technical Difficulties

This post might end up being a bit of a repost from my post on Friday but screw it, I'm going to make it anyway. As you might recall my fancy red laptop came to an unfortunate end on Friday. It's currently sat in the repair shop. Quick recap, I got mouthwash on the keyboard and it seeped in and fried it. Thankfully I was able to extract and wipe the hard drive so I felt safe taking it into the repair shop. I took it in on a Sunday and they said it would take a week, so I hope I actually do get it back by the end of the week. I think they'll just be replacing the keyboard in it. I actually can't remember what happened the last time it broke. Oh wait, I remember now, it was the battery. The battery needed to be replaced.

Anyway, for no I'm on my black laptop. My old, old black laptop. This thing really has seen better days. I think it's in need of a good wipe itself but I don't have the installation disks and I'm paranoid. I'm not about to ask a nice repair man to do it. Maybe I can get another copy of the disks or something. But yeah this thing needs help. I've had some real difficulty with it this past weekend. It actually has very good memory. It has 4gb of RAM and a 1.3ghz processor. I remember it being a pretty slick machine and my problem with it was that the graphics card wasn't as good as I wanted, as I got it when I was heavily into PC gaming and the laptop I had before this was phenomenal for games. Since that time though I have let my nieces use this. If you value your electronics then I suggest keeping them away from children. I've ran virus checks, I've ran disk cleaners, I've deleted programs and still it's only really good at doing one thing at a time.

Sometimes the poor thing can't even do one job properly. The biggest problem I've had by far is that the processor will give out and it'll close programs to free up processor space. Programs I happen to be using.

Still, it is and always has been a faithful little piece of machinery. It's kinda fun to use an old computer really. I consider myself lucky to even have a second laptop. I could be in a much worse situation right now. Especially given that one of my closest friends is an American. I'd rather have my video calling program randomly cut off than be unable to use it at all. She's pretty important to me so it'd suck to be unable to talk to her for a whole week. Been there, done that, don't really need to go through it again.

Anyways, I'm out guys. Have a nice day. I hope to go on a bike ride today and finally put my laundry in the wash.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Well Damn

Right now I'm on my older black laptop. I had a small accident involving the keyboard of my red laptop and some mouthwash. No, I'm not going to explain how that one happened. I'm sure your imagination will do it more justice than any kind of explanation. The only clue I can really offer you is that there was no lid on the bottle of the mouthwash and I picked up the wrong mouthwash.

Right now I'm letting it air out but things are kind of screwy. So far the damage is limited to the left side of the keyboard. What's basically happening is that buttons are getting mixed up. When I press a button a different thing happens. Plus the control key is broken and is always pressed down so whenever I press s it tries to save whatever I'm doing. That wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't trying to TYPE THE WORD S. Also for some reason pressing the caps lock button presses the right arrow. It'd be funny if it wasn't such a problem. Or if it wasn't my laptop. Hopefully letting it dry out will do it some good and it can heal. I've got it turned off to help stop any kind of electrical shortage. I'll turn it on again later and with any luck it'll work and if not, I'll be able to rip stuff off of it and be able to save it. Damn I'd hate to wipe it again after it's so close to the last time I had to do it. It was actually only last month.

For now I'm just going to sort out my external hard drive and go back to what I was doing anyway. Which is writing, listening to my musics, and reviewing wrestling for I do enjoy those reviews but so far there hasn't been a smooth Friday for me.

Heck of a way to cap off my week though. Yesterday I was absolutely wasted and destroyed after my busy week, and today I wake up feeling refreshed for once and I accidentally break my laptop.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Half A Podcast

This podcast covers the first day of training I went through recently. There was supposed to be a part two but life got in the way unfortunately. The first day was the manual handling course and there were some stories to tell about it. The second day was pretty boring anyway, so there wasn't much I could say. The course itself wasn't boring but not much happened.

I guess the highlights would be that I had homework I still haven't done yet. I have to go into any place that serves or handles food and make observations and send them off to the guy teaching us. That guy was pretty awesome though. I also had Subway two days in a row. I didn't realise how much I miss Subway but they suck now. At least the one near me. They don't really have many extras and a sandwich alone does not a meal make.

Welp anyway, enjoy the podcast. I'm actually not sure if I've passed the tests and won't know for sure for a few weeks, but I don't see any way at all I could have failed. The passing grade was 66% and the questions were easy. I might have gotten one wrong. At the most.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Learning New Things

I'm going to be pretty darn busy this week you guys. It all starts today actually as I'll be out and about for a good majority of the day and then the same will be happening on Tuesday and Wednesday. Why am I going to be busy? I'll tell you why. Today I have to go to A4E early in the morning for some assessments and then in the afternoon I have to go to my job centre to sign on. As such I think I'm just going to stay in town for four or five hours and probably go into my voluntary job for a bit, rather than walk home and then have to go out again.

The assessments are related to what's going to keep me busy Tuesday and Wednesday. They asked me if I would do some one day courses there that will actually lead to me getting myself a certificate so it kinda makes my CV look a little better actually and is technically a small qualification of some kind. There are two courses, as you might have guessed. One is in food safety and how to handle food properly, and the other is in heavy lifting. I'm not sure which day is which to be honest. While I want to say things like that sound very simple and like they're just a matter of common sense I've found that heavy lifting actually isn't. Or at least, not some kind of logical common sense I can grasp.

While it's true that my physical stamina seems to have really diminished, I highly doubt my legs are any less strong than they were before. One upside to being obese the vast majority of my life is that I do have some pretty strong legs. As such you'd think I wouldn't be so bad with heavy lifting. After all, they say you have to lift with your legs. When you lift something you support it with your legs and take the weight on your legs. I should be great at that but I'm not. All that happens when I try to lift things is that my arms ache a lot and I hurt.

In any case, these kinda things properly will teach me a fair bit and if it makes my CV look nicer then I'm all for it. Because I dropped out of college and I've never had a paid job that thing is pretty slim. There are even other added benefits too. If I learn how to lift things properly then I can maybe even volunteer on the delivery van at work. It'd mean pulling a full 9-5 but after spending some time working the van I'd be in much better shape.

Welp I'll let you know how it goes of course. At the very, very, very least I should have something to make a podcast about. If you're wondering what the assessments are they're maths and English ones so it's not like I stand any chance of failing.

Friday, 6 September 2013

This Is The Sound Of My Brain

To be honest while I did have a lot of different thoughts swimming around in my head I wasn't sure what, if any, I could actually use as a blog post. Some were too small, some seemed just nonsensical and random, and some just seemed to be uninteresting. Although I suppose really if something is interesting to me then it does deserve a place here upon my blog. 'Tis MY blog after all. While I did think that I also thought that, eh, I kinda have to be entertaining too and engaging. I don't want to talk about some kind of special interest that you fine folks don't share with me. That would just be kinda pointless and is the main reason I don't follow some blogs. Our interests clash and what you write about, no matter how much of an engaging and likeable person you are, is not something I want to read about.

So in the interests of that...well I don't really know what to do. Actually my mind is no longer awash with ideas really. There are some things I can mention but it's better leaving them for a few more days until things are more known. Plus, that way, I can of course leave things and have other things I can write about further down the line. That's one of the points of blogging as much as I do. You take what you can get and hold off what you can hold off.

This is hardly my first ever "I got nothing post" and as per usual I rose to the situation admirably. I manage to make each one of these very fun and still worth reading even if there's very little actual content. Though, when it comes to me, there's always something worth reading. I mean, I'm a literary God. It takes a lot of ability to make a story over ten times as long as you originally planned it to be and continue to keep everything else on hold.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bikes, Science Fiction, And Stuff

In another spectacular episode of "I Have Nothing To Say" I have a surprising amount to say actually. I talk about more plans with my bike as well as how science fiction is beginning to become reality, and how awesome that is.

I have plans to take my bike out today on a surprisingly long piece of road near me that is also fairly unoccupied and will help get me used to going both uphill and downhill, as it's a hill. I also saw something pretty cool in the news about a particular piece of science fiction that is becoming reality. It's happening people. Lightsabers are real. Not really. That sucks. But something else is actually coming.

I'll just have to continue waiting impatiently for them there laser swords.

Monday, 2 September 2013

I Appear To Have Let Myself Go

I have a fully functioning bicycle now. It has both it's wheels on, I have a lock, and I even have a helmet for it. Getting a helmet was a bit of an annoyance because I have a massive head, owing mostly to my gigantic brain. But I have one nonetheless and can now ride around on my bike. So far I've actually only ridden it once though for reasons I'm about to go into as this paragraph ends and I start the next one.

My brother got the bike on Wednesday, it was delivered to me on Thursday, and the back wheel was put on it on Friday. I tell my dad I'm going to out on a short ride and he informs me that it's not exactly safe. He informed me that he did the best job he could do but that his tools were far from the best. Or even right. The back brake was a little dodgy and essentially he was worried that the back wheel could fall off any second. I wanted to ride the bike to the train station down the road but he told me to stay on the back yard and side street, in case something happened. So I do what he says and I go on the bike on the back.

Lemme tell ya, it really did a number on me. I haven't been to the gym in over a month but it was very evident when I first went in there that I had monstrous levels of stamina. I wasn't much of a runner but I stayed on a rowing machine for 40 minutes straight, sailing (virtually) 7km. I damn near crippled myself but I did it. I could go on the treadmill for a full 25 minutes on a program that increased the intensity. I could even stay on the cross trainer and that was brutal. But just five minutes on that bike and I was really tired and worn out. I do appear to have really let myself go. As well as not going to the gym I've not really been eating very well too. Although I do also recognise that part of the reason my heart was beating so quickly was fear. I really was expecting the back wheel to fall off at any second. Hopefully as I go on it more and become more used to it, what happened at the gym will happen at home. I'll get more comfortable and it won't take such a toll on my mental or physical wellbeing and I can pick myself back up, lose some weight, and feel pretty awesome about myself.

I'm also incredibly self conscious still though which is actually something else that's been preventing me from going to the gym and I know will prevent me from going out on my bike. I hate being around people and in crowded areas still and I'm going to feel as self conscious riding a bike and wearing a helmet as I did walking around town with a giant bag strapped to my back and in a sleeveless hoody. Most people probably exercise more during the summer but not me. Now that the weather is getting colder, there's less people on the streets, and kids are finally going back to school, I actually expect my overall levels of physical activity to increase.


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