Friday, 2 August 2013

So It's Come To This

That's right folks, it's come to this. What has it come to? Me posting about how much I'm going to miss my cats when I'm on holiday. I missed them a great deal last year too. Actually the background picture on my phone was a picture of my cats. Because I was emailing a friend I saw it quite a lot too. I imagine the same is probably going to happen this year too.

They haven't been too affectionate with me these past few weeks but they're starting to be again. My guess is perhaps they know I am about to leave them for a while. I just don't like the idea of leaving them all alone and while my brother might not spend the entire week on holiday with us, he shuts himself in his room and is not a big fan of the cats.

We do have them being fed taken care of though at least. Last year my dad paid a neighbour's kid to do it and this year he's paying his brother. The downside of this? Puberty did a number on this guy. He's about my age and when we were younger he probably weighed more than me. Now he's a freaking adonis. Still if anything it was also a good look at what I have the potential to become. Damn I would not mind looking like that guy.

Now to be paranoid he's going to steal my stuff.

Although if anything goes missing he is the only culprit so I doubt he would anyway really. As long as he doesn't try and steal my cats I'll be fine. Everything else is replaceable.


  1. Good luck with the break and the cats!

  2. I hope they are fine and you find nothing missing. Have a great vacation, Mark.

  3. Awww Mark, I really hope that you enjoy yourself while you're away man, you'll be grand and the cats will be just fine, have a blast mate!

  4. Since I moved out of my parents house, my dog ignores me whenever I visit. He's still pissed off at me for leaving him.

    But, I'm sure the cats will be fine and happy to see you when you return.

  5. Well, if you can't take cats with you on holiday..remember to take some cat memes. At least they don't scratch ya.

  6. I wonder if you can facetime your cats or something while you're gone.

  7. ha i bet my cat tells me all about it when we get home from holiday on sunday...i hope you have a great time man...its been good for us to get away....

  8. Just don't break the have fun.......

  9. Have an awesome holiday. I am sure your cats will miss you too and no doubt punish you for a short while on your return. Cats do that.

  10. He better not steal your cats!! :-( And he better look after them in your absence or ELSE - adonis or not - I'LL be after him and his sorry hide if he fails in his kitty duties! Ahem!

    ENJOY your holidays!!!! LOL! Take care


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