Monday, 5 August 2013

Self Promotion

I'm writing this way in advance so even though I'm on holiday by the time you're reading it's something that's going to happen in my immediate future. I said last week that I'm pretty good at promoting things, but not very good at promoting myself. During a 12 minute podcast I promoted Bored Wrestling Fan (catch it on at 2PM EST on Sunday, or subscribe on iTunes) about three times. I just promoted it then. If I mentioned the fact I was an author and had a book out as much as I did those guys, or the other people I promote, I'd probably be pretty cool right now. I'd probably be more well known at least.

It's no major secret that I don't think too highly of myself. This is the main reason I don't promote myself really. I don't like talking myself up because I don't think I can live up to my hype. That's what being confident is. It's about believing you CAN live up to your own hype. Or just not caring if you don't. I've seen super confident people and I've seen people who do believe their own hype. I've done it myself at times but, as I said, never really as far as my own work goes.

When people ask me about my book, and what it's about, my general response is pretty much "Well, it's a book. It's about...stuff." Part of this is because its a collection of short stories but even then, I can be all deep and meaningful and say "Well there are a myriad of different subjects in there, but most of the stories are about life and death. They're about the things we can do on this Earth while we're alive and what we can do to make sure we leave this world a better place. The first story in it is so emotionally powerful it made one reader cry, and another thank me. He thanked me because it made him appreciate his own child more, and the time they would have together. There's even some comedy in there to help break up the emotion and keep things from getting too serious."  I can even take the emotional human interest side too by saying "These are more than just stories though. These stories were written when I was at one of the lowest points in my life. I was a mess and I wanted to do something worthwhile and productive. I wanted to prove I have value and I did that with these stories." and people love a self published author sticking it to the large publishing houses.

So as you can see, I know what I should be doing, it's just that I really don't like the idea of doing it for myself. I just need more confidence and the ability to brush off negative feedback and trolls.


  1. Hey, you wrote and published a book, that's something to be proud of and you should have more confidence in yourself for it. You really should.

    As for ignoring trolls, find any way you can to laugh them off. That's what I do, and it generally works.

  2. What they don't tell you when you become a writer is that you can't just be a writer. You also have to be a salesman and a pitchman. And like you said, it's all about the confidence. Your pitch doesn't have to be eloquent and wordy. Just confident. All you have to convey is "this book doesn't suck." Which it doesn't.

    Those testimonials you give, for example, are a great pitch. One reader thanked you and another cried. You don't do that for a book that sucks.

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  4. I think it is important not to let yourself get discouraged. If you are not getting the results you want, simply change the method, don't give up on the goal. With the trolls, I have to mentally prepare myself every time I read a comment or go online. Though, in my opinion, being trolled or hated is much better than being ignored. If someone puts the effort into hatin' on you, then they DO care about you on some level. My 2 cents.

  5. I don't think you should be letting yourself be discouraged buddy, Jimmy is right on that side of things. I know it sounds crazy but sometimes it's possible that believing in your hype too much can be your outdoing, it's maybe not a bad thing for certain people to feel a little cautious about various situations, I don't know if that makes sense but in my head it does haha.

  6. smiles. you know what to say, you just have to say it...negative feedback happens...take it, learn what you can and move forward.....and have a great time on holiday...smiles.

  7. Nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion as long as you are not prostituting


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