Friday, 9 August 2013

Painting And Decorating

As I was trying to think of posts to make for next week, I thought of one I could make for this week that ties into one I can make for next week. Unless I got more ideas and you're reading this when I'm away. In that case, wasn't the post I replaced this with awesome? As you may remember, I DID replace this post with one about my cats, but this is still going up on a Friday. How about that?

Anyway, I recently decided to take advantage of some things, including my own copious amounts of free time. Which may be coming to an end, but this is just what happens when you decide to use something. It goes away pretty bucking quickly. Well the title of the post should give you some idea of what I got up to. Actually the job isn't complete yet but I've just been melting in this sun. Which was also part of the reason I did the job but more on that in a second.

Following the great success that painting my room (albeit with Jessica's help) was, I decided a while back I would paint some of the rest of this house. Pretty much every wall in this house needs covering in something and paint is easier. It's something I can do at least. I kept putting it off, and putting it off, and putting it off but I finally got around to asking my dad to fund this and getting it done. Over the course of two days I was able to paint the stairway (I managed to strain my right wrist doing that somehow) and half of the hallway. It might not sound like much to you but I assure you it was. I went through two massive tubs of paint. Although one was spilled onto the carpet...

It's a really good blue colour and it gets me all excited because there's something I didn't realise until after I finished applying a lot of it. It is this colour;
I assure you it looks MUCH better now. This was taken when it was wet and it lightened up as it dried.
That colour might not mean much to you. It's blue, so what? Yes it's blue, but it is precisely THIS shade of blue;
Both the shade of blue it is, and my reaction to this realisation.
That, to me, is pretty damn awesome.

What isn't so awesome? Having to finish the job. Oh and to clarify why it being so hot was one of the reasons I did this in the first place. That would be because I painted without a shirt on and was happy to take any excuse to not wear a shirt. It was so damn hot I conquered my body issues.


  1. All credit to you mark, I hate painting at any time in fact any decorating!

  2. painting is def on my list of least fav least in redecorating...gimme a canvas and paint and i am fine...i can get creative in that....

  3. I love painting and I don't quite know why! That is a very lovely colour - I'd love to have my room that shade of blue!x

  4. Great job on this Mark, you've done far better with painting and decorating than I would that's for sure.

  5. Rainbow Dash blue is the awesomest (yes, that is totally a word, harrumph) blue! :D

    I've been wanting to paint my bookcase/booze cabinet TARDIS blue. We'll see how that happens.



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