Thursday, 8 August 2013

*Insert Curse Words Here*

I'm writing this from last Friday, when the terrible incident I'm about to recount to you occurred. 

Let me start by giving you some backstory. For the past month or so whenever my laptop was unplugged it would occasionally turn itself off. One day it turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on until it was plugged in. That's when the problem became evident. The battery was broken. Thankfully I had a backup laptop, which is what I'm writing on now. Also thankful is that my laptop was still under guarantee, and the fan was broken anyway so I didn't see a problem with sending it in to get repaired. I backed up everything on my external hard drive and then wiped the hard drive of the laptop. I'm extremely paranoid and I know that when you take a computer into a shop they scan the hard drive for illegal material. Not that I really had anything illegal on there; I am, as previously mentioned, extremely paranoid.

So cue today, when things really went totally bucking wrong. My external hard drive fell. To the floor. It doesn't work. Everything that wasn't backed up online is lost. Don't worry though. All my stories are backed up on Google drive. It's a massive loss to me though really because there were things on there that were not copied over to my old laptop. Thankfully I moved all my music over, so that's not a problem.

I'm a very emotional person and the main losses are things that hold sentimental value to me. Hopefully they can be replaced, or my brother can fix my hard drive. He fixed it before and I know he likes a good challenge. He's pretty good at fixing things. I also had some entertainment on there for when I was on holiday, so it sucks I've lost that too actually.

But as I said it won't affect you guys much. I'm just depressed to have lost all that stuff. Fate conspired against me it seems.


  1. Damn Mark I'm sorry that this happened. I sincerely hope your brother can fix it!

  2. oh that sucks man...and i know the loss there...before i backed up i crashed a hard drive and lost a ton of writing...which about killed me.....hope you are having a good time...

  3. That sucks man. Good thing your brother is handy with hardware. Fees for that stuff are high. I don't know how broken it is, so it may not work out, but if you don't shoot you always miss, right? I'll pray for your drive drive baby.

  4. I know that feel bro. I didn't even drop mine - my external drive just stopped working one day. Like you, I have all of my writing backed up, but I still lost a lot of good data, and it was a huge pain to replace.

    I hope you're able to recover your stuff!

  5. I know it seems like a big deal now, but in the big picture this is just a bump in the road. Hang in there, mark!

  6. Sorry to hear that this happened Mark, I know how much it stings to lose photos and memories, even if you haven't watched them in months or maybe years, that fact doesn't change a thing. Really sucks but over time you just forget and enjoy the new challenge of building all your information up again. A small consolation at the very highest though, I understand that.

  7. Well, that sucks.
    I don't even use an external drive to back my stuff up. I just email stuff to myself all the time, and forget about it, and get excited when I see I have mail, and then disappointed when I realise it's from me.

    I hope your brother can work some magic on it and get your stuff back.

  8. Maybe it's time to get a PC or an external harddrive that'll constantly keep backing things up for you.

    Hopefully everything will be recovered.

  9. Oof, that sounds rough. I still have my old laptop with tons of stories and music on. Problem is that I can't gain access to it as the battery and the charger are both dead. That's why I back up all my files now (just wish I'd done that before).

    As for the computer repairmen, I ,too, am afraid to let them screw around with my computer. I have a lot of personal information on my laptop and the employees at GeekSquad don't look like the most trustworthy bunch. So, any issues I have with my computer, I usually try to figure out myself.

  10. Aww that sucks! I'm sure your laptop will be fixed soon though, if it's any consolation. I know what you feel about being paranoid - I always get nervous whenever my mum goes on my tablet when I've got nothing to worry about!x

  11. Ok bloody hell what the effing hell is going one.........curse words Sorry had to say that, I am sorry to hear about your troubles with your laptop.......I know how I feel when I have computer problems.....


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