Monday, 12 August 2013

I Have Returned

That's right folks, even though I do not come with a ghost army I can assure you that the king has returned. Yay for Lord Of The Rings references. I didn't have the internet much when I went away and unfortunately I wasn't able to do as much writing as I wanted to, but I did still manage to have quite a bit of fun and I'm already feeling nostalgic about the whole thing.

That is partly though because my life is probably about to change one way or another. I might be getting a job soon and even if I don't get that one, I'm more motivated than ever to get one. I'm still going to finish off my other story before going back to commercial writing. It's sad but I have to acknowledge that right now I can't make anything viable out of writing as I do believe I'm still yet to receive any kind of royalty check for my first book. No, sadly I must carry on with the daily grind of modern men and women. Or create various get rich quick schemes. Oh if only.

I have come to accept that I am a pretty darn good writer and I continue to improve. But I'm a terrible promoter. I can't sell myself or my own hype. I actually did a post about that when I was gone so I won't really repeat myself. I do have some resources for freelance writing though should the urge take me. It's something I tried before but could never really get into. Not getting any writing jobs didn't help with that one.

Speaking of posting while I was gone, thank you to everyone who did visit and leave a comment while I was gone. I think I only got about two or three comments on the Friday post but I've been informed things are showing up slow in feed readers. So I'll just cite that as an excuse. Anyway I am back now which means I can be reading blogs as well as writing them.  So maybe now my visitor numbers will slowly creep back up.


  1. The true success of a blog is being missed while you were gone. And I think it's fair to say you were missed by the amount of people still willing to come by and read and comment. Welcome back!

    Oh, and get rich quick? Make a pyramid scheme. Or sell meth.

    1. Meth's risky business. He'd be better off asking me to buy softdrugs (hurray for the Netherlands), package them, send them his way, and have him redistribute locally.

  2. I missed you while you were gone buddy, although it was a faded missing, in the sense that I missed seeing your posts but completely forgot you said you wouldn't be posting much while you're away. Great to see you back, really hope that you had a good holiday, you're definitely a good writer, I completely agree with you on that side of things, in everything you've said here actually.

  3. America is the land of get-rich-quick schemes. I mean, somebody had the idea to invent the pool noodle; he must be relaxing in a mansion somewhere. :P


  4. welcome back...most writers i know have day jobs...its few that can make it a profession at least for many years til their work catches wishes on finding the job man....

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Maybe you should just try a different strategy at promoting yourself. If you are doing one thing that is not working, then just doing more of it probably won't help. Try an entirely new approach.

  7. Are you a zombie do we need to cut your head then welcome


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