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From Bored Wrestling Fan

As you guys know, I am a bit of a wrestling fan. So much so I'm now a Bored Wrestling Fan and while this post is wrestling related it's not actually about wrestling. So even if you don't like wrestling you can read it too. It's about a certain wrestler. A guy called Darren Young. For those of you not in the know, and I will be surprised if you don't know, he recently came out as an openly gay man. This would make him the first openly gay professional wrestler. Note I said openly gay. There have been others, including Chris Kanyon who unfortunately is no longer with us after committing suicide and he struggled with his sexuality during his lifetime. He played a gay wrestler, then pretended it was all a gimmick and that he was straight, and in his biography he wrote about struggling as a closeted gay man.

People are of course being very accepting and congratulating him on being who he is and coming out, but there's a small problem. They won't stop. I went into a rant on Bored Wresting Fan and I'll just copy and paste the rant here for you. I went into more depth on the show itself (which you can find here, it's about 2 hours in though and there's a LOT of cursing). I wish to preface this the same way I prefaced it on the radio show. I am a bisexual man. That's how little a person's sexuality really means in this day and age. None of the hosts really reacted to me saying I was bi, and no one listening live even mentioned it. It isn't as big a deal as people think it is, and if it REALLY is, then it shouldn't be.


I hate to sound like a cynical bastard, even though I am, but does anyone else think that they're going to split Prime Time Players up (possibly by making Titus a homophobe), and giving Darren a monster push resulting in a title run? They said not long back they want a strong black babyface champion and with how much they've been touting this I would not be surprised if they took out two birds with one stone and had a strong, black, gay babyface.

To be honest, no it shouldn't be that big a deal that DY is gay. It's being made that big a deal thanks to people like Kanyon and Pat Patterson who were treated badly by the industry for their preferences. It wouldn't be a major deal if WWE wasn't making it a major deal. Usually when celebrities come out these days they don't get a fanfare. It's not such a big deal anymore and they usually get a pat on the back and a "well done you." WWE are making this a huge deal and I am so worried that it's going to become a big deal in the show too. I've heard people argue his coming out was actually a work. Not questioning his sexuality of course. It's hard to deny that when you think about it. It shouldn't be a big deal, and in today's society it is actually becoming less of a big deal.

 I told my friend that a WWE superstar came out as gay and she didn't respond much. She basically said "Oh, good for him." She's an old wrestling fan and a transgender gay woman so she's the kind of person who usually regards openly gay celebrities as Gods. It's not such a big deal to her anymore. Effectively WWE is trying to prove they're ahead of the times and they're such an open promotion and business that a man can be gay and not have it hold him back. They're doing this by proving how backwards they really are and if they actually give DY a title like I fear they will, then I hope it becomes incredibly negative publicity and they realise what an absolute mess it was to make such a big deal out of something that, in this day and age, really is not that big a deal.


  1. I look forward to the day when it is no longer news that a celebrity is gay.

  2. I remember a few months ago when there was "huge news" here that one of the NBA players was gay. It was talked about for weeks like some kind of momentous occasion, and all I could think was, "Okay, he's gay. So what? Why is this news?"

  3. Let him win a title on his skills, not on his sexuality, the WWE needs to be careful!

  4. I love how Darren Young sort of run of the mill casually admitted to being he was gay. One thing though that I'd like to ask Mark, do you think that the interview might have been set up? I find it very very coincidental that one a TMZ reporter was there and actively seeking out Darren Young and that two he asked Darren Young that specific question, do you think it was possible he told the reporter what he was going to do and they worked from there? Either way Darren Young is very brave and an inspiration now in my opinion, hopefully his "coming out," encourages more gay people in the closet, especially teenagers to come out as well.

  5. It's definitely not as big of a news item these days...and to me that's a sogn of progress.

  6. The only gay wrestler I was previously aware of was Adrian Adonis. Sadly, he drove his van off a cliff to avoid hitting a moose and was killed. No I didn't make that up. I don't know if wrestling fans or wrestlers are generally more tolerant or less tolerant than society in general. I guess the fact that no one has come out till now might indicate that the acceptance level is not what it should be.

  7. i just hope that wrestling does not play out this story line in ways that will be in poor taste...i know just as saying that it will probably happen because that is wrestling....

  8. I don't give a rats ass if someone is gay or straight, to me what is more important is what type of person they are, as is are they a kind person it is far more important then whether they are gay or straight


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