Thursday, 1 August 2013


As you may recall this past Tuesday I attempted to complete my CBT. This stands for Compulsory Basic Training and successful completion would mean that I was fully qualified to ride a motorcycle legally on the road. The reason I'm stressing I would have to be successful is because unfortunately I was not successful and I get into why in the podcast. Also included in the podcast are details of what I did with the rest of my Tuesday instead. Well, mostly a bike ride that me and my dad went on using bicycles, rather than motorcycles. It was pretty cool and I picked up bicycling pretty quickly too, which just made it odder that I had trouble using a motorcycle.

Anyway, I believe I may be bicycling again and I'm considering, should it go well, attempting my CBT again as early as tomorrow. Regardless of what happens I shall of course let you know. For now, enjoy the podcast.


  1. It's definitely the weather for bicycling, I wish I could?

  2. That sounds like a horrifying accident riding into the bee. Next time try running over a sloth. I hear they don't even bite.

  3. Heck yes man attempt it again! If at first you don't succeed...

  4. On the bright side, not being allowed to take a motorcycle on the road means that you won't be sharing the road with some of the psychotics who drive cars.
    You'll get there, though, you really will.
    Just don't trust the psychotics.

  5. Sorry to hear you didn't get it, but just keep trying. You'll get it eventually.

    I'm too terrified to try to get a motorcycle license. Seems too dangerous to me. I'll just keep drag racing muscle cars, which is, you know, somehow safer...

  6. hey man, sorry you did not get it and i hope that with continued practice you will get there if that is what you on the bike ride with your dad

  7. Well, people refer to drivers in my state (Massachusetts) as Massholes because some of the people here are among the most selfish and unaware drivers. So getting a motorcycle is absolutely out of the question for me. Plus, I hadn't ridden a bicycle in years before getting on one a few months ago. I'd probably have better luck walking on a tightrope.

    And don't worry, my balance is nonexistent.

  8. Sorry to hear about what happened man but to be honest with you buddy it's not a massive problem, you can sit the exam again and after a bit of practice you will pass. I'd just view it as a temporary failure, that's going to lead to an even sweeter success.

  9. Shame about your laptop. I can definitely hear a sound quality drop. If it makes you feel any better, my laptop has been absolute rubbish too.

    Glad that you're enjoying the biking. Exercise is good!

    Good luck with everything else. Audio quality began to really stutter at the end.

  10. Cycling is really good for your fitness and a really cheap way to get around while you get ready to take your test again.
    Sorry you didnt get it first shot


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