Friday, 16 August 2013

Back Where I Left Off

By "back where I left off" I mean I'm getting back to exactly how I left things. I'm tired, ill, and actually this post is live because I didn't prepare it last night. I didn't even read posts last night and I had to read posts from last night this morning. Thankfully there weren't too many of them. I am trying to take better care of myself but this is not including trips to the gym. Although to be honest there are actually some opportunities coming my way.

I'm trying to acquire a bicycle, I have some job opportunities, and once I'm not sick I'm hoping to try and take even better care of myself. I'm going to need to be in good shape if I'm going to possibly have a job. I'm also going to need that motorbike. I'd just go on another bike ride with my dad but it's not cheap and seeing how I'd need to go two or three more times, it might be cheaper to just have my brother find a second hand bike. We tried to find some (as in me and my dad) but it didn't go well. My brother is pretty well connected though and so I think he can find something if we don't. Once I get this bike I can really push myself into getting a job and even with a bicycle things will be easier. I can get to the gym much easier or even leave altogether and just take a lot of bike rides. There are also two jobs I stand a pretty decent chance of getting but they don't start until September/October.

Like I said there are things coming up, there are opportunities coming my way, I'm just playing too many waiting games right now. I don't have all the answers and it's going to be some time until I do it seems.


  1. It's really important for you to find a way to improve your health and stamina before you start a job. One mistake I always made was not drinking enough water. Most of my illnesses really happened because I was dehydrated.

  2. Nothing more to say other than good luck with getting a bike and the fitness.

  3. Really hope that you get that job Mark, at least one of the jobs that are coming up from the start of September onwards. Keep on going with your health kick too mate, you're going great with that so don't stop.

    1. I also forgot to say buddy that my grandfather passed away too, so I really can't speak to him although I most definitely would love to.

  4. Hope you feel better soon Mark.

    I'm glad you have job opportunities available, just be patient!

  5. Sorry you're sick, I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you have lots of good things ahead. Good luck with the bike, and everything else!


  6. you should check the thrift shop for bikes...ours usually has them...or the pawn shop....

    hope you feel better soon.

  7. Feel better soon Mark and good luck with the job hunting

  8. I hope things start looking brighter for you soon, Mark. Keep writing, I know that keeps your spirits high.

  9. Being unwell is not good and it can take a while to return to good health after being unwell,don't rush things or you will end up back sick as all hell again.


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