Friday, 5 July 2013

Something *MAY* Be Happening

I stress the word may because this is only still something that may happen, and not something that is. Despite my bad luck continuing (remember when I joked that I might have Tetanus? I might actually have it this time, I stood on a nail and it went into my foot. Don't do that) something pretty cool happened yesterday. I also have some ideas for things to make actual posts about but decided they could wait. With the dry spell of ideas I've been having lately I'm taking any and all chances to actually say something beyond how shit my day has been. That gets tiresome eventually. As in pretty damn quickly. There are only so many times I can bitch about my life going down the drain before I drive people away.

So anyways, as some of you might know, I'm a bit of a wrestling fan. While the product itself, as in the TV shows they put on, has been going a bit downhill I'm still very fond of wrestling podcasts. As well as running my own podcast I also listen to a few. One of my all time favourites is one called Bored Wrestling Fan. They go out every Sunday and best of all they record in the afternoon. This means that even though they're American they go live when it's early evening for me. About seven in the evening actually. I've been talking to the alter ego of one of the hosts, and lately the guy himself, a little on Twitter. Last week he even gave me a shout out on the show which was pretty awesome.

The most awesome thing though? He's told me I can go on the show next week. I still say this is a *may* happen though because the show has four hosts and I imagine he probably needs the permission of the other three, plus something might come up for me. I don't imagine something could actually come up though.

But, yeah, my voice could soon be on a semi-professional podcast, even if it is only for the one week as a guest spot. I really hope this goes through because damn I'd love to do it.

In the time between writing this post and now, editing it, I can confirm this is happening. As long as I can do it. The guy I was talking to is the number two guy on the show. It took until three minutes to midnight but I finally got some damn good news. 


  1. That's awesome. Hopefully, it will happen. Post it on your blog, or at least a link so we can listen to you.

  2. Sounds wicked cool, good job! Making connections like that results in some pretty cool stuff sometimes, and getting to appear in their podcast makes the top part of that list for sure. Link us when it's online!

  3. That sounds so cool Mark. I do hope you get to do this and like Fang said, give us the link so we can tune in.

  4. That's great news Mark! It should be a great experience for you, and it could lead to more opportunities if you're well rehearsed. Enjoy yourself, and good luck!

  5. Best of luck with this Mark, really pleased to hear you've got this sorted out and I can't wait to listen to you. I actually don't think wrestling's in as bad a state currently as much as some people think, compared to a few years back it really isn't so bad but I look forward to the podcast!

    1. Sorry to hear about the nail too man. Please be careful with that, can't have been pleasant at all!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear you stepped on a nail. Ouch!! But, many congrats on being on the podcast. I can't wait to hear you on there - certainly you'll direct us to it, right?

  7. nice...congrats man, that is awesome...have not watched wrestlin in wife's aunt is a 67 she goes to all the events in driving distance....

  8. Good luck! I hope nothing gets in your way. Like stepping on another nail.

  9. it's awesome indeed! I hope it will sorry for the tetanus though, there's still hope that it's not tetanus-let's hope for the better :D

  10. How bloody aweswome is that news high five to you......although I think everyone could do without tetanus..........

  11. If you have a shit day, try and make it entertaining. That's what I try and do to compensate for posts where I complain. It doesn't always work but hey, better than nothing.

  12. Yikes to the tetanus!! :-( Is it too late to get all vaccinated? I remember we had to have one at school! Hope you are ok though!! And I hope you are taking some medication for it!

    HOOORAHHHHH!!! for your guest podcasting!!! That's brilliant!! I'm sorry my only wrestling knowledge harks back to the good ol days of Bid Daddy and Giant Haystack! LOL!! Take care


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