Monday, 15 July 2013

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

There is a major, major downside to writing. This is that it's a very solitary thing. At least it is when you're your own proofreader, pre-reader, and editor. This means that when you have ideas, especially ones that conflict with eachother, you don't really have anyone to turn to. Someone to help make sense of all the ideas and help you balance them out and assign them an order. Someone to help make things clear.

I recently got a very good idea for a story and then I realised it conflicted with other ideas I had. Mostly the idea to have a sequel. The sequel wasn't going to be very long and would only feature one major event. At least, that is as much as I had planned. I came up with ways to introduce this major event into the story I'm currently working on. This would mean though that all the little things from the sequel also wouldn't really get a chance to exist.

My brain makes many little connections and really organises things quite well. When I get one idea I can usually offshoot them into a lot of other smaller ideas. I can come up with lots of connecting points too. I can take a story from Point A to Point B via Points C,D,E,F,G and Z. Like I said in the podcast last week, I generally have a beginning and an end to a story, and let a lot of the middle stuff write itself, except for other smaller beginnings and ends. Or, if you will, story arcs. I suppose I can kind of give you some context here.

So, in the first story, I had a young orphan character who tried to commit suicide because of abuse suffered in her past, and perceived abuse in her present. Her life is saved by someone she had convinced herself hated her, and the two made up as all the truth came out. I actually reread this story recently and it was painful to do because it was based on my own emotions at the time.

In the second story the young girl lives with the older one and confronts both her past and present. She deals with, confronts, and overcomes her inadequacies with the help of the older girl and her friend. In essence she finds a new family.

The third story would have dealt with her confronting her old family, the one that abandoned and abused her. But I think I can work this confrontation into the second story, and that really is mostly what the third story would have been. Other than some other random little bits.

I think I'm probably going to have to combine the second and third stories really. Although, by the time you've read this, I've probably made up my mind.


  1. Sounds like you are working it through really well.

  2. ha. so true on having too many ideas...i have a stockpile just waiting to be written....and several started that i just need to finish...doesnt help that my computer is goin in for a tune up today and i will be without it all day...might be working long hand in the notebook and re-writing tonight...

  3. Too many ideas is better than not enough ideas. It's one of those "good problem to have" type of things. Have a great day sir!

  4. I'd rather have too many ideas than not enough. Even just for the same story. The right one eventually comes out. It's good to have options, though.

    Also, you are right though, it'd be good to have a writing partner. By the two of us having each other, it makes it rather easy to bounce ideas off one another and give some suggestions on which ideas 'sound the best.' Do you know of anyone in your life that might be a good critique partner? Someone you can take your writing to, who can give you valid suggestions from a writer's standpoint (rather than just the suggestions of a reader)?

  5. I wish I had a writing partner to throw pens at, tip tables onto, and scream at when I get frustrated. It'd make the whole process much more cathartic.

    Seriously though, I have considered asking certain people for opinions before I publish on my Blog, but then I always decide that I might as well publish and get everyone's opinions all at once. It's a better litmus test.

  6. Weren't you doing a colab with a friend? That makes things much less solitary already. Also, being your own proof-reader generally isn't the best idea, but hey, if it works.

    And too many ideas is a good thing it means you've got stuff to work with for quite a while, so that's one less thing to worry about. Sounds like you're handling it pretty well, too.

  7. I know famous authors that have a series of books hire people to fact check their writings. George R.R. Martin is a prime example.

    My problem is that I need to take breaks from my writing, and when I return. I have to reread everything to get a handle of the situation I'm in. It's quite time-consuming.

    But, having loads of ideas sounds like a pretty decent situation to me.

  8. These stories all sound brilliant Mark, really would love to see all of these because the ideas are absolutely brilliant!

  9. There's a reason why my WIP is still "in progress." One of the reasons is that I'm having trouble maintaining continuity with the last one I wrote and what I intend for a sequel.
    On the other hand, with Blogger, I can write whatever nonsense comes to mind.
    Like my post for tomorrow.
    You'll see.
    How's that for an unabashed tease?

    1. Actually I meant WEDNESDAY. See? I teased myself.

  10. The story about the orphan sounds like a potential classic.

  11. Sounds like you have all the pieces to the puzzle but need a formula to put them all together. I believe everything is for a reason and there may be a piece missing which when found will make the whole thing easier to string together.

  12. As I've gotten older, I find it's better not to spend so much time thinking about how to do something.

    Just do it, and it'll unfold a lot better than if it sat there, stewing in your mind.

  13. When you are idle or about to sleep so many ideas creep up in your mind! But you don't feel comfortable in sharing it with someone or it is that you don't want to share it!
    Though nice sequel idea you have come up to!
    Go ahead... :)

  14. Yeah I know so many ideas so little time.............ok I don't really know since I don't write but I do at times feel like this when it comes to blog posts............

  15. I can relate. Lately I've been getting such overwhelming inspirations but I can't write them down. Can't find the right words. The ideas might fade, I fear but I can't bring myself to write them down.


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