Thursday, 4 July 2013

Rough Day, No Podcast

I am writing this at the end of what has been a very rough day. I got to bed at about two in the morning, and woke up at four. Yep, that actually happened. I also couldn't get back to sleep until about eight and when I did I was only able to sleep for another few hours or so. I woke up again around eleven. Then being me I stayed up until actually kinda before my usual bedtime. I intended to go to the gym but instead I vegged out for most of the day. The camera on my laptop is messing up, I have no clean clothes (although they are now drying), thanks to my lack of sleep I've been ill. Again. It's just a lot of little problems that have snowballed into a very rough day and really just another day in a very rough time for me.

So hopefully you can appreciate why there isn't going to be a podcast today. Should I find myself in better condition then I do hope to be in the gym today. I've booked myself into a proper aerobics class and I haven't been all week and so I feel lazy enough as it is. I'm probably going to go on Saturday too.

The day wasn't a total and utter bust but I'll have to tell you more about that some other time. It's going to require it's own post and the main point of this post was to tell you that I've had a really rough day and that there isn't a podcast. It's also here to just continue to distract you while I steal your wallets and then spend the money on sleeping pills and starting a vast empire of door to door door salesmen.

If there's one thing that definitely can, and needs to be, sold door to door, it is a door.

I can see no logical fallacies at all in that argument.

Heh, fallacies. If you actually get that then congratulations.


  1. Oh it happens...don't worry! Even I'm trying to pass out from a rough phase.It's okay...
    Well..Happy Independence Day :)

  2. hope u feel better man...rough days happen...door to door...hope they are strong, cause i did it once and its...interesting to say the least....smiles...

  3. Yeah. I am pretty much realizing that you're gonna have those rough days in life. I try to not let myself get too down in the dumps when I have them. Then I try to catch up for lost time when I am feeling better. It's like an endless cycle of madness.

  4. My wallet is empty Mark so you need to frisk the others.

  5. Sadly buddy if you were to steal from my wallet you'd probably be empty handed but I hope that you get a great sleep mate and feel better soon, don't worry about the podcast either man.

  6. Hey, I can completely relate. Well sort of. We can both suffer together with our sleep problems.

  7. Hope the rough day is now only a memory......


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