Monday, 29 July 2013

Holidays Are Coming

It's summer and that means one thing, and one thing only. It's time for me to blow up the sun. It's been in my face for far too long thinking it's better than me. Time to teach that thing a lesson or two. Although what I'm actually talking about is of course a summer holiday. Mine is coming up and will actually be next week. I'll be leaving this Saturday and will be back next Saturday.

This is why, if you read my post on Friday about hopefully acquiring a license to ride a motorbike tomorrow, I won't be getting an actual bike for a week or two. I wanted to get the license out of the way as quick as I could so I couldn't back out and keep putting it off. That's one of the biggest problems I have with anything.

Well anyway that's not what I'm here to tell you. The main thing I'm really here to tell you is that I will be going on holiday of course. I'm also not sure I can really leave behind a list of posts for you to read next week like I did last year (and the year before even). I'll try and see if I can but I'm not sure.

I'm going the same place I usually do which is a resort town here in England. I'd tell you where I'm going but I don't really want to be stalked. I'm now wondering though if I could somehow promote my book while I'm gone. Hmmm. If anyone has any ideas then let me know.

As has been discovered before I'm actually not bad at promoting things, I'm just terrible at promoting myself for some reason. If I was to take things seriously then heck I could probably do a fantastic job. I'm a fun and charismatic guy.

Once again though not the point of this post. This post has served it's purpose. I may have given myself two more ideas for posts though. Ooooh yay.


  1. Awesome, I hope you enjoy your holidays. If you need someone to fill in while you're away, feel free to ask. I promise not to alienate everyone and leave the whole Blog as a burnt out husk.

  2. Hope you have a fun trip! As for promoting yourself, have you thought about shameless commercial interruptions while you're gone? "While we're gone, here's a word from our sponsors..." Then do a really fun, clever video/podcast/even just a post that people will want to share and help you promote.

  3. I don't know really how you could promote your book on holiday. Perhaps when you meet new people just mention to them you are an author. Or recruit an army of super ponies that could promote things for you.

  4. This holiday sounds like it's going to be a whole lot of fun Mark, really hope that you enjoy it buddy, good luck with the promotion too!

  5. have a great time on holiday...we are heading out midweek ourselves for a 4 day weekend...nothing as nice as a resort but a town we once lived in....

  6. Have fun on your little trip. I certainly enjoyed mine back a while back.

  7. Damn I was really looking forward to stalking you, too... Or sending relatives to do it for me, as I'm a bit far away...

    I hope you get the bike license! Better take some pics of the bike.

    In attempts to promote my books, I made little "bookmarks" for them (business cards on vistaprint) and I just leave them scattered everywhere. Like in the book shop, or the coffee shop, train stations. You never know who might pick it up.

    Have fun on your holiday!

  8. Have fun and stop procrastinating tomorrow!

  9. Holidays are such fun well they can be as long as everything doesn't go wrong making you wish you could just crawl into your bed and stay there............have fun mate........

  10. I wish i had a bullet big enough to fucking kill the sun


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