Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Lesson From Bored Wrestling Fan

In case you didn't know I was on the podcast Bored Wrestling Fan again last week. I'll actually be there again this week (although not next week due to something I'll have to announce later) and basically, as I say in the podcast I'm about to embed here, I'm like a stray cat. They have allowed me in to their home and I will now not leave until they kick me out. Although it turns out, for reasons I go into in the podcast, they might not be likely to do that.

I felt kinda bad about some stuff that went down in the podcast, it was hilarious but it got seriously derailed and things got a little insane. I felt like I had really screwed up and that they wouldn't be happy with me for what happened but I found out that nah, they found it hilarious and I even gave them some good ideas. I go into more detail about what happened in the podcast and the main lesson to take away from it is that you should get the full picture before thinking something went wrong. I thought they weren't happy with me, but things actually went pretty well and I'm still welcome back there. So that's that. If you think you screwed up, find out for sure if you did.

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I'd promote BWF some more but damn I did it like three times in a 12 minute podcast. Now onto my next dilemma which is "Why will I promote someone else so much, but not myself?" I'll need a team of scientists as well as a stockpile of weapons to motivate them with. Someone get me Batman's number.  


  1. Why didn't you do the Hulk Hogan impersonation for us in your podcast? Anyway, maybe you should start a youtube wrestling show. I hear you can make a decent chunk of change at it.

  2. ha. well have fun hanging out...and glad it went better than you thought...its easy to be hard on ourselves as we def see all the faults in magnified detail...and hope the days without your friend go quick for you...

  3. Sounds like a fun time, even if you've only unofficially joined the group. I too was disappointed in not hearing Hulk Hogan. Oh, and I have to say, that is the loudest cat I've ever heard. Seriously, your cat sounds like one of those screaming girls getting murdered in a B-horror movie. :)

  4. Stupid thing Mark but I can't play anything right now because my parents are asleep but really want to check this out. I also have no earphones. Have to mentally remind myself to be back here tomorrow.


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