Friday, 7 June 2013

Your Government Is Watching You

I realise I've been angry in my latest posts, and unfortunately that trend is actually about to continue. If you've been keeping track of the news then you're aware of something that is truly shocking and yet, at the same time, not very shocking at all.

Americans, your government is watching you. It is listening to you. It knows you're here right now. The last time you called your mum they were listening to you. At first the report said that it was only Verizon customers but it's now pretty much accepted it was every American. They are viewing your internet history. They have access to everything you say or do using Google and Facebook. Straight from The Guardian, who uncovered all this;

"The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called PRISM, which allows them to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says."

The NSA is the National Security Agency. They're the people in charge of, well, national security. Stopping the terrorists and what have you. They seem to think that this gives them the right to look at absolutely everything you do. Do NOT believe any lie your government throws at you. Don't believe any lie that the NSA throws at you. Don't buy the "it's only meta-data" line. That "meta-data" is your personal and private lives. This kind of stuff does not stop terrorists. It breaches your entire right to privacy.

If you're the kind of person who would allow the government to spy on you and listen in on your phone conversations then I really feel sorry for you. This is wrong on so many levels and most of all it's both unconstitutional and illegal. It's illegal to tap a phone like this without a warrant and Obama himself promised to end unwarranted phone tapping.

Then again he also promised to close Gitmo and look how well that turned out. I really genuinely hope this is the last straw. The government lies to you, they watch you, and they really don't care. It's time you stopped caring about them.

I'm sorry to be so bitchy and angry but this kinda stuff really pisses me off and inactivity over it only angers me more.

A look at when each service began giving the NSA your information. This has been happening since '07

This is a list of the services and what they generally give. Not included in this list is telecomms providers


  1. Like I said under a recent post Mark it's a shame that governments are as interfering as they are. People need to open their eyes to what goes on sometimes, crazy stuff.

  2. Soooo...that's who's been watching my youtube videos. But why does President Obama keep voting thumbs down?? Seriously though, this is making Obama look very bad.

  3. I'd post some comment about starting a revolution, but I'm pretty sure the CIA would be knocking at my door in an instant. I heard rumors that XboxONE will be assisting the government through it's Kinect system as well.

    Anyway, people have to dig deeper than the mainstream media because the news is sugar-coating the issue and people are buying it.

    Something big is in the works, I've been feeling it for some time now.

  4. I can't comment to much because I need to learn more about what the truth is first.

  5. I don't know why the government would want to watch me I am kind of boring and have a normal run of the mill life oh and I have no money since I don't work so no point in watching me. I wonder what do they thing when they see someone taking a shower or doing a

  6. not surprising...and its true...the patriot act, which was intended to protect, legitimized much of the governments covert intelligence gathering....

  7. Thought I'd pop over from the blog party and read this. It is indeed a shame that you are more informed about this than most Americans are. We have a tendancy to shrug such things into the "oh well, nothing we can do about it" file.

    In a way, I am like that as well. I fought hard on my blog against Obama in the run-up to the election, and basically ran into a whole lot of people who didn't care what happened to the rest of the country as they got their gay rights, legal abortions, and food stamps. IOW, it's all about me in the USA and so we have the government we deserve.

    I figure the best I can do is give them something worth reading. I just did a three-part series "Communism and Obama for dummies" that oughtta keep me on the watch list for a little while.

    Nicely done article, sir. Hope I didn't disturb the corner you were hiding in too badly. I'll be heading back poolside now.


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