Saturday, 15 June 2013

Will I Actually Sell My Soul To The Devil?

No not that devil. The devil that is the mighty internet force known as Google. You see, I've been talking about my computer plight lately and while I think a tablet is a good choice, I don't think the tablets at the market would be the perfect fit for me. A netbook is another good idea, and they certainly are cheaper. Actually Google have a netbook for £200 with a good size hard drive (as well as 100gb worth of space on Google Drive, only free for two years though), a very good camera too. The thing seems really nice, but there's one problem.

It's Google. Google really are evil and I hate how much I rely on them already as it is, and how much they know about me. At first I wasn't ever going to consider a Chromebook at all, because I thought they came without an actual internal hard drive. I found out though that they do. I said before I'm paranoid as buck when it comes to my privacy and the files I have. I'm not even a pirate, and I don't download things illegally, but that doesn't mean I want my private life in the hands of Google.

I hope everything I put on the hard drive itself won't be seen by them, but they have access to everything I put on Docs. Although that will only be my writing really and I've been writing on there for months now. It's fanfiction so I doubt that they're going to steal it from me and publish it themselves.

Bloody hope not at least.

So it seems I have a choice to make. Do I sell my soul to the devil, or wait a little longer until I can buy something better? I need to wait anyway though. I don't want to make snap decisions here. I want to make sure my computer is actually dead before replacing it and going through all that customisation again.

If you know anything about computers and wish to give the computer I'm looking at a once over for yourselves, you can find it here.


  1. To be honest Mark I will say one thing and that's that as you've already said I don't think a tablet would suit you or the kind of thing that you try to do. It's good that Google Drive is free for two years but we both know how quick time can tend to go by. Also is it your blog's birthday tomorrow? Your page says it is!

  2. i think you are safe til they start implanting chips in you....just saying...but i hear you....

  3. You seem to have strong opinions about Google so I personally would wait rather than doing something you're not comfortable with.

  4. It's a netbook. A glorified tablet. Netbooks are shit, you're better off saving up and getting a real laptop. 4 hours of battery life is pathetic, 11" isn't the nicest resolution to work on, and it runs Chrome OS. Chrome OS is basically "all in the cloud", so you need WiFi wherever you go if you want to use the thing. At least, that's how it's promoted. Eh, I wouldn't worry so much about Google as I'd worry about the quality of the product you're getting.
    And yeah, I'd discourage you from getting a tablet as well.

  5. Blogger is owned by Google. So is youtube. And you are on both. I don't think google is evil at all. Maybe facebook, but certainly not google.

  6. I know bugga all about I am no help for you but it is hard to get away from google just saying....


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