Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Rough Week Continues

Just in slightly different ways. I've only been to the gym once this week and it's something that's really bumming me out. I only went twice last week and I keep trying to go three times. The only thing I have close to an excuse is that unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency (one of the nieces had to go to hospital after a football hit her head and punctured her ear drum) and various other things have kept me from going.

Still it does feel kinda bad to not go in there. They open weekends so I'll probably try and go in today but knowing me I'll also manage to come up with some kind of excuse. Not that I'm really coming up with excuses. I don't mind going to the gym at all and I know it is making a difference. Even though I only went in once this week it was a pretty intensive cardio workout I always make the most of my sessions there and try my hardest.

One workout a week just isn't enough though. That's the main problem I had with weight loss when I was doing five mile walks. It was epic I was walking five or six miles yeah, but that was all I did all week for serious exercise and you need to keep that stuff up for it to have a real effect.

Well anyway, if I don't go today I'll try and get a lot more done next week. Hopefully nothing disastrous will happen and maybe I'll even sleep. I'm considering going to bed in my sunglasses but I move a lot in my sleep, especially my head. There's no telling how that would end up.


  1. eh, sorry it was a rough one...and you are right, consistency is key in exercise as with many things in our lives....yikes on your neice...hope she is healing up well

  2. Sounds tough and yes unfortunately with exercise it's something you've got to keep up constantly, which is a pain but it can also be really good too :) - Tasha xxx

  3. All else fails, dance in your living room. To Britney Spears. In your underwear. Uh-oh, TMI.

  4. I've said to you before that it's better to do something three times a week that isn't too taxing than one thing that's overly taxing and trust me on that Mark, it's genuinely better for you that you do that man but still that's not the end of the world, I really hope things improve and you have a better week next week. If you're in a slump just fight through it buddy, you've been doing amazing recently and that's something to be proud of.

  5. If you enjoy it you must make time to keep going before you get out of the habit.
    As for the light in your room, can you hang a blanket, or tape some paper to cut out some of the light so you can sleep better?

  6. I hope the coming week is a better one for you, exercise is not something I am good at although I do try to use my Wii Fit most days but haven't over the weekend or today as I have been so sick


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