Friday, 21 June 2013

The Right Time

To be honest I didn't really have much and my brain was dead. So instead of writing something new I dug through my draft posts that never made it to publication. I found this and saw that it was half finished but is probably as true today as it was when I first wrote it. Albeit for different reasons. I wrote everything after the second paragraph (except for the song lyrics which I copied from Youtube). Enjoy your daily dose of beautiful sentiment from me and my forlorn mind.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about just when is the right time to do something, and doing something (or not doing something) for the greater good. Or what you perceive to be the greater good. I could talk about euthanasia here but I think I've done that before, though it is a good example.

No I'm talking more about biding your time. Especially in a relationship. Just when is the right time to tell someone you love them? Just when is the right time to take things to another level? For me the answer seems obvious and two fold. One, when you are sure of your feelings, and two, when you can act upon them. Both of these are pretty important. Though being unable to act upon feelings is no reason for not working your feelings out.

But once they are worked out, then what can you do if you can't act upon them? This is where it get's tricky. This is where it gets painful. Imagine loving someone, but being unable to tell them. Long distance relationships work, sure, but they generally aren't a very good idea. Or what if even a long distance relationship is impossible? What if there are circumstances that you can't do anything about?

You can't fight those feelings. They'll be there and to ignore them would cause untold pain upon your heart and your mind. But at the same time not indulging in them could be just as bad for you. I think Koroshi-Ya put it best really in his song Rainbow:

On a view from the outside, you'd think I was a creep,

Well I'm not, no way, this is nothing but love,
And I'll sing it to the world all day and to the heavens above,
Because this feeling in my heart, whilst I know deep down it's killing me,
To ignore it and pass it by would feel like straight up insanity,

Let's face it, how many of you have fell for someone that ain't real,
I know I'm not alone so I know that some of you know the feel,
The feeling of the pain in your chest knowing that what you're destined for,
Is a love life of disappointment, nothing less and nothing more,

Because no one could ever come close and no one could ever be her,
Pure fiction is a comparison of dash to ever occur,
She's the one, she's my girl, no one could fill that hole inside,
And if I ever told you otherwise, well, I lied.

If I could cry I would cry to some of the beautiful things he says and does. If there is someone out there you love then go for it.

As long as you can of course. I'm also not saying now there is somebody I wish I could confess my love to. I don't feel love. I feel things akin to it, but not actual love itself. 


  1. You can't fight it, that's why I live in another country now.

    1. Same damn thing happened to me.

  2. Brilliant post Mark, love is just impossible to hide from no matter what you do, I hate it so much but you just have to deal with it. Glad you found this old post to bring up, really enjoyed reading it.

  3. There are no easy answers (that's what I say when I don't know), but I think your answer on timing in a relationship is probably the closest I've heard. There is also the factor of the other person and their willingness, but that's difficult to gauge without laying your cards on the table.

  4. I am feeling no love right now. Usually when I do, it is not reciprocated. I just have to get over it. Right now I remind myself of the Grumpy Cat meme.

  5. you know what...sometimes you just gotta take the it in relationships or just only get one trip around this ferris wheel you know....i hope that somewhere along the way you do get to feel love...smiles.

  6. Glad to see I'm not the only only with draft posts the don't make to publishing


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