Friday, 28 June 2013

"Rain Makes Everything Better"

Seeing as I didn't really have much to say I thought I would tell you about something that is pretty damn cool. There is something out there that is simply magical and awesome to behold and be aware of. Something so amazing to use that you will secrete pleasure and ecstasy through your very pores. Something so great and powerful it could only be confined to the magic of the internet (and various app stores) because it was simply too awesome to behold.

What is this magical marvel I hear you ask, for I am insane and hear voices in my head?

That would be the website It is one of the most simple websites there is but also one of my favourites. All it does is play the sound of rain, and an occasional strike of thunder. That's all it is, but that's all it has to be.

I don't know about you guys but I find the sound of rain to be incredibly soothing. It's one of the few natural sounds that actually soothes me. Other than the anguished cry of a child. Well that one's not totally true. But it is true that rain is an awesome thing. Rainymood just enhances everything. If you're feeling a little low then it's a perfect accompaniment to a sad song. Even if you aren't sad it just enhances the atmosphere. Like the title of the post says, and like their slogan says; "Rain makes everything better."

Actually there were times when me and Jessica would load up Rainymood, and the sound of a log fire burning. Then we'd smoke cigars. I have never, and will never, feel as classy as I did doing that. I don't smoke by the way, but I have enjoyed the occasional cigar. I seem to be evidence they're pretty much non-addictive.

But in any case, Rainymood is just the perfect solution to a problem everyone has. That problem is not having enough rain in your life. I really want there to be a serious rainstorm. I was reminded of the time I went outside in one and just stood and listened to music for about 20 minutes. I now want to go out in one barefoot and shirtless. I'm going to feel awesome doing that.

It's a British summer, I demand rain.


  1. As I read this I'm listening to it, bookmarked it, love it.....and there's the thunder!

  2. Personally, I'm looking forward to the wanton destruction that only can provide.

  3. Wow, Mark. I felt a migraine coming on, and that site was just what the doctor ordered. Also, you did a really good job hyping it, in your article. You could be a pretty good pitch man, and do commercials one day. Watch out, William Shatner. Mark is comin' to take your job!

  4. Rainymood is incredible Mark, absolutely love it and I've got to share it with a friend of mine who loves rain! There's nothing more comforting than being inside listening to the rain pour down, I love it.

  5. very cool man...i love the sound...think i will pop this up as i write tonight...

  6. Mark I am with you 100% here. Rain is actually my favorite sound on earth. I often refer to it as Mother Nature's lullaby.

  7. I have a radio that plays rain to help me fall asleep at night. I love it! Rain is so soothing. What a great recommendation.

  8. Rain washes away stuff but it can bring it's own set of is raining here now in fact it has been raining here on and off for the last week or so.....

  9. happy sunday mark...hope you had a good weekend...
    did listen to your rain as i wrote the other day, how cool a sound...have it bookmarked now too...

  10. Well last Friday gone - I came out of Waitrose with my shopping was about to walk my ten minutes walk to my home when the heavens opened and a deluge of moonsoon type rains fell, causing flash flooding, cars zooming along and splashing through mega puddles - resulting in one very soaked, very wet and very drippy Old Kitty! LOL!!!

    Take care

  11. Its raining and you sit beside the window looking out with a cup a coffee in you hand...feels great...and getting wet in rain makes you feel really good :)


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