Thursday, 27 June 2013

Notes About Notes

I have a fairly short podcast offering for you today. It's only ten minutes long because of reasons but it's still a decent one if you ask me. Besides with things like this it might be better to have something short anyway. I couldn't really think of much to say but something that I had noticed recently is how I make a lot of notes for my stories but I never actually end up consulting the notes. After that there are some other things, mostly about how I'm considering taking the weekends off from blogging too. But only from writing them and not from reading them. The problem isn't that I'm getting burned out reading them which is the main reason I stopped before, but because I can't think of enough new content. Anyway, podcast time.


  1. Hmmm. Perhaps the writing of the notes is part of the creative process for you, and it may help you subconsciously, even if you aren't literally using the notes when you write. I usually send myself e-mails... instead of jotting down notes... cuz when Quinn the eskimo gets here... everybody's gonna wanna dose. Oh wait, that Bob Dylan quote doesn't really make much sense here. Let's change that to "Bersercules the Eskimo"...

  2. This is actually one of my favourite podcasts in a long time Mark, easy to listen to and the length was just perfect.

    1. Totally agree with the Waffles guy!

  3. ha. i keep a notebook with me all the time...and i def refer to it...probably more when i get stuck...i use the notepad on the phone at times when i forget my notebook but the phone i always forget to check....

  4. I live off of my notepad. It's probably the size of a novel in itself, just filled with ideas, sentences, and characters.

    Also, Yeamie's right. Great length, great flow... no yawning. One of your best podcasts.

  5. I actually enjoy reading (or listening to) blogs more than writing them. But, for those out there who also prefer reading rather than writing, I do toss off a couple a week. I have a notebook, as well. It is chockful of what is probably nonsense.

  6. I have a notepad myself that I store random ideas. I have a few pages dedicated to the process of cold fusion odd enough as it is, since the story I'm working on works with it.

    I usually don't consult my notes either. I think the process of writing something down ingrains it in my brain. I have a terrible memory, but if I write thoughts down, it's 10 times easier to remember.

  7. I take Friday's off from blogging because I am so bloody busy on Fridays


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