Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mixed News For Immortal Space Fans

You know, those one or two of you that there are. I'm sure they might still exist. As you might recall I recently put Immortal Space on hiatus while I focused on another project that had begun eating up all of my time and creative energy. I couldn't focus on two projects and made the necessary sacrifice.

The night before last I was up until two in the morning and that means only one thing. I got a fabulous idea. Or I was really bored. But this time it was actually that I got a fabulous idea. Unfortunately for Immortal Space fans it was a sequel to the other project and not anything relating to my original fictions. At first I was worried that this might mean I would be writing fanfiction until the end of the year or something and never get back to Immortal Space or releasing books but then I remembered something. Well realised something.

You see, I upload the fanfiction project in increments and I've written it so far in advance that I should soon finish writing it. Actually having a sequel for it already planned out means that I won't feel bad about finishing it and I won't drag it out. So basically what this means is that I will finish writing that story long before I finish uploading it all.

This means I have some time between when the story ends and when I have to work on the sequel. Time I can, and will, spend on Immortal Space and my original fiction. I plan to read through all of Immortal Space and edit it as I go along and get into the story again. I can then get back to working on it and getting stuck into it once more and making it the great story it was before. Like all my stories. They're all marvelous.

So while I have thought of another entirely new project, it's not going to mean much to the Immortal Space hiatus, and it might even mean the hiatus ends earlier. I also actually have an idea for another short story too that I want to write.

So...that's that. I will never get done writing fanfiction but it doesn't mean I can never start writing original fiction again.


  1. I actually followed that Mark.

  2. DUDE

  3. Yeah I'm with Francis (and Fang although that's a different kettle of fish), it made sense and I see what you're trying to say Mark. Hopefully the next project goes well and that IS doesn't get forgotten for too long.

  4. We only have so much time, and choosing which projects to invest it in can mean the difference between success and failure. But at the same time we can learn something new from every project we undertake.

  5. I am glad it is you who has to chose and not


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