Monday, 17 June 2013

It Seems Better

My computer that is. You may remember me lamenting my computer issues last week. Not once, but twice even. I didn't want to delete my hard drive and lose all my customisation and everything but I remembered something. My computer has a very nice function where it resets the programs to factory settings, but doesn't affect personal files. This includes customisation. I lost all my programs yeah, but I was able to keep the way everything looks.

Well, I had to recustomise my program icons but that's kind of a given seeing as I had to reinstall everything. I even left some programs I no longer used or wanted out and didn't reinstall them. My start menu is so clean now.

I've not had any real problems with turning it off or on and I actually can't hear the fan much now either. Normally when you can really hear a fan in a computer it's going nuts and you should consider that your computer is a bit sick. Things are going much smoother now and hopefully my computer won't decide to ragequit on me and just die any time soon. Although if anyone is interested I did still buy a small Galaxy tablet. It's kinda old, so it's not great, but it's still pretty nice and I'm happy with it. Plus I can now connect to wi-fi hotspots which means I may even have the internet when I go on holiday this year.

So all in all last week wasn't too bad for me. Despite the fact I never stopped moving, I thought my computer was going to melt, and I barely slept. In the end things turned out okay.

And I just pretty much made sure that the universe is now going to beat me down and make me cry like a little bitch. Ah well.

Come at me universe.
I kinda had something of interest and value to say but then I thought I'd save it for my podcast this week. Then I forgot what it was.



  1. Sorry to hear that you had a bit of a hectic week buddy, I really hope that you can get things sorted out now though, I know how much of a pain computer issues can be, mine drives me crazy at times.

  2. I had to restore my computer recently also, and while it sucked reinstalling all of my favorite programs, it sure beat wiping it clean and starting from scratch.

    I refuse to let my computer ragequit. I will force it to work for me until it dies a very painful, agonizing death.

  3. I'm glad that your computer isn't completely dead. I hate having to commit another electronic device to Silicon Heaven.

  4. Check your image width privileges man, I'd keep things to a max of 540 pixels wide if I were you.
    Also, you got a tablet? A small tablet? What the what, how could you betray me? :C

    Good to hear your computer's running okay again though. Crazy fans usually are either hardware or software, the latter being more likely. Check your processes to see if anything's hogging up the CPU.

  5. One of the fans in my case won't stop rattling but my friend assures me that it's just the fan being old as opposed to computer problems.

    I just need to find time for him to replace it for me.

  6. well at least you are on the back side of that and you are trying to look at it as a issues rank high up there as frustrating things to me...smiles.

  7. Computers can collect a lot of dust - especially on the fans. This can cause over heating. I take mine apart and blow it out occasionally.

  8. Well now that that unpleasantness is behind you, you can get back to blogging and podcasting.

  9. So you didn't end up throw the computer at the wall or out into the trafic............oh yeah that is what I feel like doing when my computer gives me the

  10. My OCD self feels happy hearing about the clean Start menu because I'm a bit nutty like that.
    And you got a tablet??!
    They're fun to carry around.And read.And play Temple Run on.A lot.

  11. I'm glad you were able to save your computer. My desktop is at least ten years old and wants to die. I won't let it. I'm to cheap. (read poor). That fan has been replaced three times already. ha ha


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