Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Think It's Sunday

So I was part way through writing a chapter in a story (I only got a few sentences in really) when I remembered that I didn't have a post up so far for today. I decided it would be in my best interests to quickly remedy this situation before I forgot again and then was left with no post at all. Given how much things slip my mind that was and will always be a possibility. Hell I didn't even remember I hadn't made a post last night until after I turned my computer off. I hate when the brain does that. When it tells you something after you can no longer do anything about it. Especially if it's when you've forgotten something. I once went to the gym and didn't realise I forgot my membership card until I was right outside the place. Thankfully they just let me in anyway. The woman on reception was who I set my membership up with so she probably recognised me.

Well speaking of the gym (as I need something to talk about) I did actually go yesterday. I got in quite a good fifty minute workout too. I would have stayed for longer but I told my dad I'd meet him in town at half 12 and seeing how I left the gym at half 12, I was late enough as it was. Although I do now have a pretty sweet idea; I could go twice in one day.

One problem I have with the gym is if I go too early then I have to stop so I can eat some lunch. But I could go back in after eating my lunch and, if anything, I'd probably have a pretty productive second session. That isn't to mean I'd spend like three or four hours killing myself in the gym, but rather two one hour sessions. Have a nice break between and then get back to killing myself. It doesn't take me very long to recover really. After I spent forty five minutes on the rowing machine straight and could barely stand up I was right as rain within half an hour. I spent 25 minutes on a cross trainer too yesterday. Not bad considering the first time I went on one I could barely last 5 minutes and I was supposed to only do 20. When the 20 minutes was nearly up I decided to put another five in.

Well anyway, I've bored you enough for one day. Have a good Sunday folks.


  1. You've exhausted me rather than bored me! LOL!! Well done you for keeping up with your gym sessions!

    Have a great Sunday too! Take care

  2. good on you building up those muscles...and it shows in the time you are able to do now...keep at it...happy sunday!

  3. You seem very dedicated to training at the gym. Your are probably becoming a very strong and powerful beast of a man by now.

  4. Well done on the gym thing Mark. Every time I hear about you going I feel proud Mark, such an incredible achievement buddy and I hope that you don't stop.

  5. I hate it when I get into bed and just getting settled and remember I forgot to lock the front door or feed the dogs or anything really I am in bed I do not want to have to get up and go and whatever it is I had forgotten


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