Friday, 28 June 2013

"Rain Makes Everything Better"

Seeing as I didn't really have much to say I thought I would tell you about something that is pretty damn cool. There is something out there that is simply magical and awesome to behold and be aware of. Something so amazing to use that you will secrete pleasure and ecstasy through your very pores. Something so great and powerful it could only be confined to the magic of the internet (and various app stores) because it was simply too awesome to behold.

What is this magical marvel I hear you ask, for I am insane and hear voices in my head?

That would be the website It is one of the most simple websites there is but also one of my favourites. All it does is play the sound of rain, and an occasional strike of thunder. That's all it is, but that's all it has to be.

I don't know about you guys but I find the sound of rain to be incredibly soothing. It's one of the few natural sounds that actually soothes me. Other than the anguished cry of a child. Well that one's not totally true. But it is true that rain is an awesome thing. Rainymood just enhances everything. If you're feeling a little low then it's a perfect accompaniment to a sad song. Even if you aren't sad it just enhances the atmosphere. Like the title of the post says, and like their slogan says; "Rain makes everything better."

Actually there were times when me and Jessica would load up Rainymood, and the sound of a log fire burning. Then we'd smoke cigars. I have never, and will never, feel as classy as I did doing that. I don't smoke by the way, but I have enjoyed the occasional cigar. I seem to be evidence they're pretty much non-addictive.

But in any case, Rainymood is just the perfect solution to a problem everyone has. That problem is not having enough rain in your life. I really want there to be a serious rainstorm. I was reminded of the time I went outside in one and just stood and listened to music for about 20 minutes. I now want to go out in one barefoot and shirtless. I'm going to feel awesome doing that.

It's a British summer, I demand rain.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Notes About Notes

I have a fairly short podcast offering for you today. It's only ten minutes long because of reasons but it's still a decent one if you ask me. Besides with things like this it might be better to have something short anyway. I couldn't really think of much to say but something that I had noticed recently is how I make a lot of notes for my stories but I never actually end up consulting the notes. After that there are some other things, mostly about how I'm considering taking the weekends off from blogging too. But only from writing them and not from reading them. The problem isn't that I'm getting burned out reading them which is the main reason I stopped before, but because I can't think of enough new content. Anyway, podcast time.

Monday, 24 June 2013

That Would Be Awesome

So I was dreaming last night, as one generally does when they sleep for long enough to enter REM sleep. Which for me actually seems like an achievement sometimes. Anyway I was dreaming and it was a pretty good one for once, if not a little odd.

See I was dreaming that I was part of an education program that involved study abroad. In Japan to be exact. That's where it gets a little odd because I've not harbored dreams of living in Japan (not seriously anyway) for a while now. My subconscious appears to be out of sync with my conscious.

Either way though it would be pretty awesome to just live abroad for a few months. It was six months I would have been there in the dream. The same way that some rich and posh university kids take gap years and travel the world. Although to be honest I'm not too fond of people like that. It's nice they're going around helping people but very few of them ever do anything about it when they get home, and most do it for their own gratification.

There are one of two things you need to go live abroad for no good reason though, and even for good ones actually; you need either support or money. Frankly I have neither. Definitely not in the levels I would need them to be. So for now something like that remains a pipe dream. Or an actual dream, which is what it actually was.

I need to publish a second book, get rich off it, then just go travel the world for no good reason. I could even turn it into another book but it would end up being like my blog; "Nothing happened today, so instead here's some random stuff. Oh look, a kitty cat."

A girl can dream.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I Think It's Sunday

So I was part way through writing a chapter in a story (I only got a few sentences in really) when I remembered that I didn't have a post up so far for today. I decided it would be in my best interests to quickly remedy this situation before I forgot again and then was left with no post at all. Given how much things slip my mind that was and will always be a possibility. Hell I didn't even remember I hadn't made a post last night until after I turned my computer off. I hate when the brain does that. When it tells you something after you can no longer do anything about it. Especially if it's when you've forgotten something. I once went to the gym and didn't realise I forgot my membership card until I was right outside the place. Thankfully they just let me in anyway. The woman on reception was who I set my membership up with so she probably recognised me.

Well speaking of the gym (as I need something to talk about) I did actually go yesterday. I got in quite a good fifty minute workout too. I would have stayed for longer but I told my dad I'd meet him in town at half 12 and seeing how I left the gym at half 12, I was late enough as it was. Although I do now have a pretty sweet idea; I could go twice in one day.

One problem I have with the gym is if I go too early then I have to stop so I can eat some lunch. But I could go back in after eating my lunch and, if anything, I'd probably have a pretty productive second session. That isn't to mean I'd spend like three or four hours killing myself in the gym, but rather two one hour sessions. Have a nice break between and then get back to killing myself. It doesn't take me very long to recover really. After I spent forty five minutes on the rowing machine straight and could barely stand up I was right as rain within half an hour. I spent 25 minutes on a cross trainer too yesterday. Not bad considering the first time I went on one I could barely last 5 minutes and I was supposed to only do 20. When the 20 minutes was nearly up I decided to put another five in.

Well anyway, I've bored you enough for one day. Have a good Sunday folks.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Rough Week Continues

Just in slightly different ways. I've only been to the gym once this week and it's something that's really bumming me out. I only went twice last week and I keep trying to go three times. The only thing I have close to an excuse is that unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency (one of the nieces had to go to hospital after a football hit her head and punctured her ear drum) and various other things have kept me from going.

Still it does feel kinda bad to not go in there. They open weekends so I'll probably try and go in today but knowing me I'll also manage to come up with some kind of excuse. Not that I'm really coming up with excuses. I don't mind going to the gym at all and I know it is making a difference. Even though I only went in once this week it was a pretty intensive cardio workout I always make the most of my sessions there and try my hardest.

One workout a week just isn't enough though. That's the main problem I had with weight loss when I was doing five mile walks. It was epic I was walking five or six miles yeah, but that was all I did all week for serious exercise and you need to keep that stuff up for it to have a real effect.

Well anyway, if I don't go today I'll try and get a lot more done next week. Hopefully nothing disastrous will happen and maybe I'll even sleep. I'm considering going to bed in my sunglasses but I move a lot in my sleep, especially my head. There's no telling how that would end up.

Friday, 21 June 2013

The Right Time

To be honest I didn't really have much and my brain was dead. So instead of writing something new I dug through my draft posts that never made it to publication. I found this and saw that it was half finished but is probably as true today as it was when I first wrote it. Albeit for different reasons. I wrote everything after the second paragraph (except for the song lyrics which I copied from Youtube). Enjoy your daily dose of beautiful sentiment from me and my forlorn mind.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about just when is the right time to do something, and doing something (or not doing something) for the greater good. Or what you perceive to be the greater good. I could talk about euthanasia here but I think I've done that before, though it is a good example.

No I'm talking more about biding your time. Especially in a relationship. Just when is the right time to tell someone you love them? Just when is the right time to take things to another level? For me the answer seems obvious and two fold. One, when you are sure of your feelings, and two, when you can act upon them. Both of these are pretty important. Though being unable to act upon feelings is no reason for not working your feelings out.

But once they are worked out, then what can you do if you can't act upon them? This is where it get's tricky. This is where it gets painful. Imagine loving someone, but being unable to tell them. Long distance relationships work, sure, but they generally aren't a very good idea. Or what if even a long distance relationship is impossible? What if there are circumstances that you can't do anything about?

You can't fight those feelings. They'll be there and to ignore them would cause untold pain upon your heart and your mind. But at the same time not indulging in them could be just as bad for you. I think Koroshi-Ya put it best really in his song Rainbow:

On a view from the outside, you'd think I was a creep,

Well I'm not, no way, this is nothing but love,
And I'll sing it to the world all day and to the heavens above,
Because this feeling in my heart, whilst I know deep down it's killing me,
To ignore it and pass it by would feel like straight up insanity,

Let's face it, how many of you have fell for someone that ain't real,
I know I'm not alone so I know that some of you know the feel,
The feeling of the pain in your chest knowing that what you're destined for,
Is a love life of disappointment, nothing less and nothing more,

Because no one could ever come close and no one could ever be her,
Pure fiction is a comparison of dash to ever occur,
She's the one, she's my girl, no one could fill that hole inside,
And if I ever told you otherwise, well, I lied.

If I could cry I would cry to some of the beautiful things he says and does. If there is someone out there you love then go for it.

As long as you can of course. I'm also not saying now there is somebody I wish I could confess my love to. I don't feel love. I feel things akin to it, but not actual love itself. 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Well I Sure Learned My Lesson

You might remember me saying on Monday that last week wasn't too bad, and that I had therefore challenged the universe to make this week awful. You might be interested to know that the universe accepted the challenge and it won too. This week has been cataclysmicly (that's not even a word) awful. I've barely slept, a friend of mine has gone away for nearly a week, I have to rewrite a good amount of a story but I can't because my brain is dying. I didn't even want to record a podcast because I'm just so tired right now. In the end I decided I was so tired it was easier to just hit record and talk about things instead of typing them out. Although actually I don't do much bitching about the week or even go into it. I just explain that right now I'm in rough shape, and I also talk some about my writing itself. Including how even though a story of mine is being received incredibly well, a guy said that he hopes I don't put a character in a relationship because he's an annoying know it all. To make things even better, my laptop died while I was writing this post. Great, the thing is still broken. I know I still have my old one, but that doesn't mean I'm happy to let this one die. At least everything is backed up, I guess.

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So you don't end up too worried about me or nothing, I put on a pretty inspiring song and did the rewriting I had to do. Now I can safely say the story is better for it. Goes to show you really. Don't allow yourself to wallow in misery and pain. Go do something that makes you feel damn good about yourself.  

Monday, 17 June 2013

It Seems Better

My computer that is. You may remember me lamenting my computer issues last week. Not once, but twice even. I didn't want to delete my hard drive and lose all my customisation and everything but I remembered something. My computer has a very nice function where it resets the programs to factory settings, but doesn't affect personal files. This includes customisation. I lost all my programs yeah, but I was able to keep the way everything looks.

Well, I had to recustomise my program icons but that's kind of a given seeing as I had to reinstall everything. I even left some programs I no longer used or wanted out and didn't reinstall them. My start menu is so clean now.

I've not had any real problems with turning it off or on and I actually can't hear the fan much now either. Normally when you can really hear a fan in a computer it's going nuts and you should consider that your computer is a bit sick. Things are going much smoother now and hopefully my computer won't decide to ragequit on me and just die any time soon. Although if anyone is interested I did still buy a small Galaxy tablet. It's kinda old, so it's not great, but it's still pretty nice and I'm happy with it. Plus I can now connect to wi-fi hotspots which means I may even have the internet when I go on holiday this year.

So all in all last week wasn't too bad for me. Despite the fact I never stopped moving, I thought my computer was going to melt, and I barely slept. In the end things turned out okay.

And I just pretty much made sure that the universe is now going to beat me down and make me cry like a little bitch. Ah well.

Come at me universe.
I kinda had something of interest and value to say but then I thought I'd save it for my podcast this week. Then I forgot what it was.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Two Year Anniversary

My blog is two years old today. Without Yeamiewaffles I wouldn't have even noticed.So a massive thank you to him for his comment yesterday alerting me to the situation. Seeing as I'm writing this at 20 past 2 in the morning, I sure could have done with the easy topic to talk about too. If you're wondering, staying up late isn't actually part of my sleep deprivation. I'm having trouble staying asleep, not getting to sleep. The light shines into my room early in the morning thanks to it being summer time now, and it wakes me up. You could argue I could go to sleep earlier, and usually I would, but not this time.

Well anyway, as well as thanking Yeamie, I'd like to thank all you guys too of course. That this has just become something I do (in a good way of course) has become apparent by the fact I didn't even notice I'd been doing it for two years in a row. Things in my life may have changed but this place is still here. People have come and gone but here I stand, as eternal and as fabulous as ever.

Of course no actor is complete without his audience. And I would be nothing without any of you. I say that every milestone, and so does everyone else, but it's always true. I'm quite happy to talk to myself, but not really to do it in public. So without you guys I would have stopped a long time ago.

It is something I've considered before. I would be lying if I pretended it wasn't. But it's something I've never committed to. The thought of stopping that is. I've committing to blogging for sure or I wouldn't still be here.

Anyway, cheers for sharing this day, and the past seven hundred and something, with me.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Will I Actually Sell My Soul To The Devil?

No not that devil. The devil that is the mighty internet force known as Google. You see, I've been talking about my computer plight lately and while I think a tablet is a good choice, I don't think the tablets at the market would be the perfect fit for me. A netbook is another good idea, and they certainly are cheaper. Actually Google have a netbook for £200 with a good size hard drive (as well as 100gb worth of space on Google Drive, only free for two years though), a very good camera too. The thing seems really nice, but there's one problem.

It's Google. Google really are evil and I hate how much I rely on them already as it is, and how much they know about me. At first I wasn't ever going to consider a Chromebook at all, because I thought they came without an actual internal hard drive. I found out though that they do. I said before I'm paranoid as buck when it comes to my privacy and the files I have. I'm not even a pirate, and I don't download things illegally, but that doesn't mean I want my private life in the hands of Google.

I hope everything I put on the hard drive itself won't be seen by them, but they have access to everything I put on Docs. Although that will only be my writing really and I've been writing on there for months now. It's fanfiction so I doubt that they're going to steal it from me and publish it themselves.

Bloody hope not at least.

So it seems I have a choice to make. Do I sell my soul to the devil, or wait a little longer until I can buy something better? I need to wait anyway though. I don't want to make snap decisions here. I want to make sure my computer is actually dead before replacing it and going through all that customisation again.

If you know anything about computers and wish to give the computer I'm looking at a once over for yourselves, you can find it here.

Friday, 14 June 2013

I Don't Got Much

To be honest today, as in Thursday, was a pretty rough day for me. Today is going to be rough as well. I really hope I can get this sleeping thing sorted out. I have to go to the gym today and yesterday I didn't eat enough food and I was on my feet a lot and a bunch of other things happened.

At least my computer didn't die on me but I am being much more gentle with it. I'm considering replacing it with a tablet computer if it dies. They're cheaper and I don't really use my computer for things like video games anymore. Now I just mostly record and watch videos and write on it. As well as procrastinating online.

So really there's not a whole lot to say. I was able to do some writing yesterday though which means I'm one step closer to working on Immortal Space again. I told Fang that it would be maybe a month or so until I started writing that again.

Assuming I don't die by then by virtue of sleep deprivation. Although one thing I'm most sad about is that I can't call myself an insomniac because I actually get some sleep. I've adjusted my makeshift curtain so hopefully that will help a bit.

Well I think that's enough really. By spacing things out a lot I can make things seem longer than they really are.

Insert dirty joke here. Actually is "Insert dirty joke here" technically a dirty joke?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

yay For Podcasting

For those of you who are aware of my Grammar Nazism, the first y in the title is deliberately lower case. Now that we've cleared that up, on with the podcast. It's another short one this time round, coming in at fifteen minutes overall. I was tired and I didn't really have a whole lot to get into and really these past few days have kinda sucked. I'm still not sleeping, I'm really busy, and now my computer may be dying. Find out this, and more (including the few good things that have happened), in the latest edition of the Podcast That Still Has No Damn Name.

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Damn I'm looking forward to today being over. Although tomorrow I need to hit the gym.

Damn, I'm looking forward to the weekend. No wait weekends aren't even very good for me anymore. Monday I'm busy...

Damn, I'm really looking forward to next Tuesday. Maybe that will be a good day. Unless I go totally insane thanks to sleep deprivation.

My face these past few days. yay sleep deprivation. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

I've Come A Long Way

I was recently struck by the realisation of how much I seem to have changed lately. There are some things I can't totally go into but I really do seem to have come a long way lately. It was around this time last year I was having emotional breakdowns at work and now I can, and do, go volunteer on a semi regular basis. If it wasn't for the fact I was doing other cool stuff with my life I'd probably go more. I doubt it though, but I do know that mentally I could handle it quite well. I'm not as quiet there anymore and do chat with my boss and some of the other people in work. Now it's not so much about not being able to deal with them, it's more about not wanting to deal with them. That may sound bad, but I don't really intend it to be. I don't find what they talk about interesting is all but when there's a place for me in a conversation I will happily place myself in it.

Okay, that sounds kinda worse. I'm going to stop that before I drag myself into a hole I can't dig my way out of.

But other than that I've also changed in other ways. This time last year, hay even a few months ago, I would never imagine that I would be going to the gym on a regular basis. Not only that, but I go on my own. I even relish going on my own sometimes because it means I can have a shower there and save time by not needing to have a bath at home. Me, showering, in a gym. Although that's actually because they have shower stalls. If it was a communal shower then nah, I wouldn't ever dare use it. Luckily it's not like prison or those movies on the internet.

You know the ones I mean. Well if I'm still making dirty jokes I've not changed entirely, but it's impossible to say I'm still the same person I was even a few months ago. I don't really feel it or see it but everyone I know has commented on my weight loss and my boss, the guy who got me in the gym in the first place, has complimented my willpower and resolve. I actually go to the gym more than he does now and the reason I went is so he wouldn't have to go on his own. I think I'm going to have to start going later to accomodate him.

Now that my niece is almost done with school though it means I can. I only had to go early so I could be done in time to pick her up from school.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Damn I'm Tired

I really have been very tired these past few days. Maybe I'm dying. I did get a blister a few days ago and the spot it gave me is still on my hand so maybe I have the plague, or Tetanus. It's only really sucky because I'm probably going to be going to work today. More than likely will actually. I didn't go last week so I'll probably go this week. I am going to be absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.

I keep waking up stupidly early and it seems my makeshift curtain isn't working any more. If you don't know what I mean, my bedroom doesn't have curtains so I actually hung up my quilt cover in the window to block it to stop too much sunlight getting in and waking me up early in the morning.

I don't really have much for you because I'm really tired, and I've actually reached those levels of tiredness where it's a bad thing and my brain is dead. Rather than the times it means my brain is working on overdrive. Maybe I should buy sunglasses.

At least I'd have a legit reason to wear them at night. That way I won't wake up after four hours sleep. It's not really a problem to have it happen every once in a while but when it's happening several days in a row it's just bad.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mixed News For Immortal Space Fans

You know, those one or two of you that there are. I'm sure they might still exist. As you might recall I recently put Immortal Space on hiatus while I focused on another project that had begun eating up all of my time and creative energy. I couldn't focus on two projects and made the necessary sacrifice.

The night before last I was up until two in the morning and that means only one thing. I got a fabulous idea. Or I was really bored. But this time it was actually that I got a fabulous idea. Unfortunately for Immortal Space fans it was a sequel to the other project and not anything relating to my original fictions. At first I was worried that this might mean I would be writing fanfiction until the end of the year or something and never get back to Immortal Space or releasing books but then I remembered something. Well realised something.

You see, I upload the fanfiction project in increments and I've written it so far in advance that I should soon finish writing it. Actually having a sequel for it already planned out means that I won't feel bad about finishing it and I won't drag it out. So basically what this means is that I will finish writing that story long before I finish uploading it all.

This means I have some time between when the story ends and when I have to work on the sequel. Time I can, and will, spend on Immortal Space and my original fiction. I plan to read through all of Immortal Space and edit it as I go along and get into the story again. I can then get back to working on it and getting stuck into it once more and making it the great story it was before. Like all my stories. They're all marvelous.

So while I have thought of another entirely new project, it's not going to mean much to the Immortal Space hiatus, and it might even mean the hiatus ends earlier. I also actually have an idea for another short story too that I want to write.

So...that's that. I will never get done writing fanfiction but it doesn't mean I can never start writing original fiction again.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Your Government Is Watching You

I realise I've been angry in my latest posts, and unfortunately that trend is actually about to continue. If you've been keeping track of the news then you're aware of something that is truly shocking and yet, at the same time, not very shocking at all.

Americans, your government is watching you. It is listening to you. It knows you're here right now. The last time you called your mum they were listening to you. At first the report said that it was only Verizon customers but it's now pretty much accepted it was every American. They are viewing your internet history. They have access to everything you say or do using Google and Facebook. Straight from The Guardian, who uncovered all this;

"The NSA access is part of a previously undisclosed program called PRISM, which allows them to collect material including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, the document says."

The NSA is the National Security Agency. They're the people in charge of, well, national security. Stopping the terrorists and what have you. They seem to think that this gives them the right to look at absolutely everything you do. Do NOT believe any lie your government throws at you. Don't believe any lie that the NSA throws at you. Don't buy the "it's only meta-data" line. That "meta-data" is your personal and private lives. This kind of stuff does not stop terrorists. It breaches your entire right to privacy.

If you're the kind of person who would allow the government to spy on you and listen in on your phone conversations then I really feel sorry for you. This is wrong on so many levels and most of all it's both unconstitutional and illegal. It's illegal to tap a phone like this without a warrant and Obama himself promised to end unwarranted phone tapping.

Then again he also promised to close Gitmo and look how well that turned out. I really genuinely hope this is the last straw. The government lies to you, they watch you, and they really don't care. It's time you stopped caring about them.

I'm sorry to be so bitchy and angry but this kinda stuff really pisses me off and inactivity over it only angers me more.

A look at when each service began giving the NSA your information. This has been happening since '07

This is a list of the services and what they generally give. Not included in this list is telecomms providers

Thursday, 6 June 2013

No Podcast

And not even a witty title. I'm letting myself go.

Anyway yeah there's no podcast today. I was incredibly busy on Tuesday and on Wednesday, while I wasn't very productive in some regards, I was productive in others. Over the course of two sittings and about two hours I recorded video messages for a friend of mine. She's a slow typist so she started sending me video messages and I started replying to them and it's pretty much fifty conversations at once or a never ending Skype call. Actually because I had to watch the videos she sent me that ended up taking up most of my day. That and two shopping trips. Can't do that today though, gotta be hitting the gym and all that.

Hitting the gym is what I did Tuesday actually. I only stayed for an hour or so but over the course of five or six hours on Tuesday I did some writing, went to the gym (even had a shower there which went better than expected; I hate showers) and when I was done there I even went and volunteered for about two hours. If you count how long I stayed after work with cashing up.

So yeah, very busy and tiring day Tuesday followed up by a full day Wednesday. I actually didn't remember I had to do a podcast until about half ten in the evening. At that point I realised I didn't even really have much to talk about and decided to just take the day off and write all this instead.

I'd say I feel sorry for you guys having to read all this but there's a poor American girl out there who had to watch me talk for about an hour and a half.

Let's hope THIS post doesn't fall victim to a scheduling error my last three.

Fun trivia fact; Today is the 7th anniversary of the date 6/6/6. Or the 1007th anniversary of the time it happened before then. Or the 2007th anniversary get the point. I need to double check my maths now.

06-it happened
Yep its the seventh anniversary.

Monday, 3 June 2013

This Is Hardly That Scandalous

Third live post in a row, wheeeeee.

So there was a bit of a political scandal here in Britain this past week or so. As is my understanding (and I've just checked the news to make sure I get this correct) three members of the House of Lords and an MP were found to have been taken money in return for lobbying and parliamentary favours. That is effectively they were taking money to bring things up in the house of Lords and Commons (basically our senate). People are decrying this and saying what a scandal it is. I agree with them but it's hardly THAT scandalous.

What you have here is people paying for legislation effectively. You have people influencing people in authority with money. This has been going on for quite some time. SOPA, PIPA, all of those nasty little things that result in internet censorship, do you know where they came from? The RIAA and MPAA personally bought them. Do you know why the NHS is being dismantled and privatised? Because David Cameron and his friends have financial interests and stand to profit from a private NHS. The guy in charge of either the MPAA or RIAA (they all have horns and smell like hellfire to me) actually said on national TV that if either SOPA or PIPA didn't pass then they would never ever fund a political party again. His exact words were something like "If we don't get this, you'll never see another penny of our money again."

To be honest I really thought people realised this was how the system works. Politicians should raise the issues of their constituents and they should do it without influence, but they don't. They haven't even been trying to hide the fact that they don't very well. Once again you have people hiding in plain sight and doing a fabulous job of it because apparently no one knew.

That to me is the true scandal; the fact that apparently people weren't aware as to how the system worked, and that they (the people) still aren't doing a damn thing about it. At this point I get the feeling if a politician kicked a puppy people would be outraged but still not do a damn thing about it.

Still I hate telling people to do something about it because I could probably be doing something about it too.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

I've Been Googled

This post fell victim to another scheduling error. Although the error here was that I totally forgot to schedule it. I seem to be losing my mind. Ah well, never had much of a grip on the old girl anyway.

I was talking to a friend I made recently and she told me that she actually typed my name into Google. I've got no idea what came up because I don't want to see what actually comes up but she's still talking to me so it can't be too bad. I'm now going to begin signing up for everything using a fake name.

I do wonder what comes up though. Still not enough to do it but if I had to guess what might come up, I guess maybe this place, my Twitter account, my Facebook. and maybe even my book or my author page on Amazon. If you're wondering why she looked me up on Google in the first place, it's because of her mum. Like most (read; all) of my friends she's foreign and is from America. Her mum has read all the horror stories about what happens with people you meet online and actually demanded seven online accounts to give me a full background check. I offered the girl eight to ten but she just Googled me. Thankfully I already sign up to some things with fake names but now I'm going to go super paranoid and sign up to absolutely everything with a fake name.

Maybe even a different fake name every time too. Although I guess if my book did come up her mum could be all "Guess he's gotta be cool if he has a book out."

I'm actually pretty harmless and for the most part mothers don't mind me much once they get to know me. Although there was one fun time when a girl was banned from talking to me entirely by her parents. That kinda stuff really makes you feel good about yourself.

What you just read is a masterclass in how to get something from nothing when it comes to writing blog posts. Feel free to Google me and report the results. Never ever Google yourself though. It's something I can not reccomend at all. Actually I did it once a few years ago and it turns out there is a cartoonist who shares my name. I hope she doesn't think that's actually me. I can't draw at all.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

I Gots No Clue

Sorry about the lateness. I set the date in the schedule but not the time. No clue how that happened either.

No clue on how or why I did what I'm about to tell you about anyway. Seeing as Saturday is one of those days when no one really visits and it's a pretty slow day, I thought I'd regale you with banalities of my life. I went to the gym yesterday and they have this personal challenge thing going on with the rowing machines. It's called the Rowing Challenge...obviously. There are three tiers to this;

1. The length of the Olympic rowing course (about 2000 metres)
2. The length of the Oxbridge Boat Race (about 6,765 metres)
3. The length of the English Channel (about 34,000 metres. I think. I'll double check...yep)

If you're wondering what the Oxbridge Boat Race is it's a boat race between the top two universities in England; Oxford and Cambridge. It's a really old tradition actually and has been going on since 1829. I didn't row the length of the channel on the machines, that would be insanity, but I DID row the length of the boat race. I managed to it in about 44 minutes, which everyone agrees is a pretty good time. Obviously if I was in the water itself I probably wouldn't be able to do it at all, let alone so quickly. I was also on a pretty low resistance because I didn't even realise the machines had resistance levels.

...Yeah that happened.

Well anyway I do consider it quite an achievement that I was able to row for so long, far more than I'm impressed at how far I (effectively) rowed. Because you're sat down you don't really realise what it's doing to your body until you try to get up. As soon as I unstrapped my feet from the machine and tried to stand up I almost fell over actually. It left me feeling incredibly sore and I'm amazed I recovered in as little as 30 minutes.

So, that's what I did yesterday. I rowed 6.7 kilometres. I played a lot of video games too but we're trying to focus on the achievements. Next time I do something that stupid I'm going to use the machine with a backrest.


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