Friday, 3 May 2013

Your Dream Job

Someone asked me recently what I wanted to be when I grew up. I proceeded to give them an incredibly long winded answer, an answer I will now share with you all. It's something I've gone over before, but probably not in this much detail.

My dream job...that really changes a lot actually. I can never stick at something it seems. When I was really really really, stupidly, young I actually wanted to be a fighter pilot for the RAF (our air force) but that soon changed when I gained a fear of heights...I actually have a fear of adrenaline too. I can't go on rollercoasters. When I got older and my love of computers and video games grew I wanted to be a games designer or a programmer. I actually went to college for that but I left as it turned out the work wasn't for me. Other things happened that lead to me leaving but I stayed long enough to learn that.

After that I was struck by a realisation. I have always, always, been incredibly good at dispensing advice and listening to people. I can even get them to open up at times and work out things about them they didn't know. So I realised that deep down the one thing I had really always wanted to be, and the one thing I was really suited for, was psychiatry. I did a very short university course in it and it went pretty well. It was a subject that interested me and something that I was good at too. I didn't have the confidence though to go on and do more studying of psychology and I've never had much money so that stopped me too.

About two years ago I started a blog for the hay of it. Over the course of that blog I started writing fiction stories as well as my non-fiction posts and I've even written one hundred and two hundred word stories. I came to think that really I might have a knack for this writing stuff. All this time later and I'm now actually a published author. So I seem to be a writer now. I'm not really making money, but I'm published and, depending on what I write, I enjoy what I do. For the most part.

What about you?


  1. I had a feeling whenever I seen this that your dream job was going to be writing related haha, honestly man I'm like you, my dream job changes a lot but also like you now I feel like I'm focused on one thing only which is a great feeling. Great post buddy.

  2. What about me? Umm... I don't do interviews. However, I will tell you that I also had an interest in psychiatry. Though I think the closest I will ever get to really working in that field will be Dr. Phil McGraw internet memes.

  3. If I could rewind and pick a different degree, I'd choose counseling. Not psychiatry because, man, that's a ton o' school. But, psych light would suit me fine. Just so I could help those coming out of rehab and going through what I did with Devin. That would rock.

  4. Hell, it sure is a difficult question. I love writing, but I'm not sure which field of writing suits me the best. If 40's the new 30, then I'm going to stick with 25 as being the new 15. That way I have plenty of time to figure out my life.

  5. Travel food show host. Like Anthony Bourdain. Hahaha. I can eat and travel.

  6. Me? Professional sack of potatoes.

  7. I don't think I have ever had a dream job. Just always worked so I could have enough money to enjoy life

  8. Yeah, my idea of a dream job has changed a lot as well as I've grown and matured...

    I think now I just want to work and be happy.


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