Saturday, 18 May 2013

You Probably Shouldn't Have Asked Me That

Well seeing as there's no Immortal Space still I might as well do something akin to an actual update. I wonder how long it's been since that happened. Probably only a day or two really. It's kind of what I do.

So I was at the gym on Thursday with my boss and we got to talking about my friend Jessica. Did I mention she moved 200 miles away? Well she did. She also got herself a job, which is pretty sweet. She's also changed her name again now and is passing herself off as a man called Gabriel. Remember, she's transgender, so is a woman in a mans body. She said she's tired of having to explain it and it's just easier to act like a man and have everyone think she's a man.

So, we're talking about her and when I tell my boss about her recent name change I also said that I don't want to call her Gabriel. I don't. I actually don't get a chance to say her name much but I insist on calling her Jessica. I refuse to let her live a lie. My boss then said that this wasn't my choice to make. As her friend I should respect her wishes and call her Gabriel.

Screw that.

I informed him that I know what's best for everyone. To be honest I really do. But only if I really know you. The point of the title is in relation to the question he asked me next. He actually asked me what I think is best for him. I can't really go into detail on what I told him but I don't think it was something he expected. When you ask me a question I answer without hesitation and with the most honest truth I can.

I give awesome advice, but sometimes people don't really want to hear that. He wasn't bothered or anything though, the topic of conversation changed pretty quickly after that and we went back to menial things. It's nice I'm hanging out with the guy more and have a local friend but I'm not very social so we're not really getting close.

Unwarranted advice doesn't help but that's the way I am. God complexes are fun.


  1. If we all thought the same especially about important would be very boring and menial!

  2. haha...god complexes can be...and as to her/him...its sad she feels she has to hide who she really is...the thing with advice is realizing we have to let them make their own decisions though...and cant save everyone from themselves...

  3. Compromise. Mix Jessica with Gabriel and call him/her Gabrica or Jessriel.

  4. I think that Jessica really needs to make her mind up to be honest with you Mark, she seems to change around a lot. I'm sorry that she went so far away though, call her what pleases you as well.

  5. Ehhh... Based on the information you've given us in this post I can't say I agree with you here Mark. If Gabriel wants to be called Gabriel for whatever reason then so be it. Out of respect, that's what they want to be called, you should refer to them by that name.

    If they feel that their gender is male, then who is anyone to say otherwise? Though this is the first time you've mentioned anything about transgenderism.

    Either you need to give more information on your decision here, or you have to admit that you're not exactly being respectful of Gabriel's wishes.

  6. Yeah what can I say if a person knows you and knows you will speak the truth as you see it then they should be careful what they ask you.........

  7. I know a little bit about what you are going through. Abraham Fungus Jr. wants to change his name to Kareem Abdul JaFungus, but I am quite against it. Anyway, I can understand about former Jessica not wanting to always explain stuff to people. If I behaved at work how I actually feel, I would crawl underneath the table in the break room and start weeping. But I don't want to have to explain myself to all the people asking me what the hell that was about, so I just try to blend in.


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