Saturday, 4 May 2013

This May Not Come As A Surprise

But I don't have another Immortal Space update for you today. I'm going to try and get one sorted for tomorrow. I spent my week being very busy indeed but unfortunately not very busy writing in Immortal Space and on Friday I was...INCREDIBLY exhausted. I left the house at about ten in the morning to have myself a good long walk and then I decided to go to work and get my boss to go to the leisure centre with me to set up a gym pass. I thought that with him being a member things might go smoothly.

Turns out he wasn't at work but his boyfriend called him up and half an hour later he was at work and the two of us set out for the leisure centre. Things went incredibly smoothly and I now have an induction there next Wednesday, and it turns out that if I do sign up for permanent membership my boss actually gets a month of free membership. Normally when things keep going wrong it seems that it's something you shouldn't do, but it turned out this time I just had to take my boss with me.

After that we were walking home and my boss invited me out to have some lunch with him. I agreed on a whim and so we just kept on walking. It was pretty fun really except for my feet absolutely killing me already by this point. But he bought lunch and I don't turn down a free meal. By the time I actually got home I had walked at least six and a half miles.

Needless to say I was beyond exhausted, and I didn't have much energy left. But I didn't mind it at all because I had a lot of fun in those four hours, and spent three hours on my feet.

Now who says I can't write press releases?


  1. well, while you were busy it sounds like you were busy in a good way you know...glad you got out and had some fun...

  2. Damn! 6 1/2 miles is a helluva walk! Plus a free meal from the boss :)

  3. 6.5 miles! I'd still be sleeping. A free meal is always a good thing.

    Good luck at the gym on Wednesday. I think you're going to come away from there feeling great about yourself!

  4. I listened to your podcast the other day and I must say you sounded marvelous. It was very funny Mark and you Brits have the best humour on the planet. You hit that note perfectly.

    Sounds like you had a good day and did some things you don't normally do. You are changing more and more. The gymn will be a good experience for you.

  5. I know what you mean about being busy. But, at least you had time to get a little exercising in. Tomorrow's another busy day for me, too.
    Oh well. Guess I can sleep when I'm dead.

  6. Well at least you were out and about and getting fit doing all that walking! Now you have gym membership!! I'm exhausted just reading your post! LOL!!! Enjoy! Take care

  7. That's some day buddy but honestly I'm glad that you're finding things to occupy your time with and staying active, nice one on the gym membership too Mark.

  8. Glad to hear you finally got the membership squared away. I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences there. Also, if you feel like it, is great way to stay motivated here's a link to my profile on the site -
    Add me if join -Cheers


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